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'JURISCINEMA' film series will highlight historic court battles

The Nickelodeon Theatre is merging statutes with cinema in its latest series "JURISCINEMA: The Law on Screen."

Featuring five classic films focused on the judicial system, "JURISCINEMA" is set to run from Sept. 11 to Oct. 16.

“The idea was to kind of find landmark films that dealt with huge legal battles or cases ... moments that changed history," Pauline Arroyo, marketing coordinator for The Nickelodeon, said. "To not only find that but to also turn that into a real conversation."  

In addition to the movie showings, The Nick will host presentations on the legal aspect of each film, led by lawyers from in and around the Midlands area. 

For example, the viewing of the first film in the series, "Erin Brockovich: Environmental Protection & Citizen Action," will include a conversation with local environmental lawyers Bob Guild and Kathleen McDaniel.  

 “We’ve never done that before, so it's kind of different,” Arroyo said. "They've dealt with moments where nuclear plants have dumped waste into South Carolina's water supply and kind of keeping companies responsible for their tasks."

The Nickelodeon hopes that this series will present the public an opportunity to view classic films such as “To Kill a Mockingbird” as well as newer films such as "Hidden Figures" and use them to start meaningful, timely conversations. 

"These moments aren’t just part of history," Arroyo said. "They’re still happening today, and there's still new manifestations of that.”

Tickets for individual "JURISCINEMA: The Law On Screen" events can be purchased for $11 on the website or over the phone.