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USC student sticks to family tradition by starting needlepoint business

Preston Lynch is a third-year history student at USC who doubles as a businesswoman. 

She and her younger sister Grace run Two Sisters Needlepoint, a company born out of skill and creativity, that essentially creates canvases for other stores to sell to their customers. 

It will be a year ago this October that she and her sister first bought the company from an older woman who was retiring from her needlepoint business. 

“We bought her company, so we adopted all of her designs, but we’ve added our own,” Lynch said. 

Both the craft of needlepoint and business ambition run in her family, and Lynch says she's focused on both for as long as she can remember.

She noted that it is typically a hobby for “moms and grandmas,” but that it’s something her family really enjoys. Lynch’s dad owns a larger needlepoint company, so he is able to help out his daughters with their smaller one. 

Earlier this month, Two Sisters Needlepoint traveled to Dallas for a hotel show. These kind of shows and conventions are great ways to get publicity and get their name out in the world.

“So basically all the needlepoint designers from all over the country go … and stores from all over the country come and they buy the designs to stock their stores.” 

When asked if the show was a success, Lynch replied with an enthusiastic, “It was!” 

“I had never been to a hotel show … and it went really well," she added. "My dad’s company did good, my company did good and it was a lot of fun.” 

Even with the recent success and opportunities for growth, it is difficult to find time to needlepoint. The designs vary in complexity, and Lynch is a full-time student with two jobs. 

Needlepoint may be something generally associated with women of older generations, but the Lynch sisters bring a youthful, popping element to the world of needlepoint canvases. 

“It’s a lot of bright, fun colors because we’re aiming it towards people my age, people my sister’s age — rather than older stuff,” Lynch said. 

The needlepoint patterns reflect the Lynch’s influences, as most artwork does. There are sea life designs — indicative of their time spent on the East Coast — college logos and cute catchphrases.  

You can check out Preston and Grace Lynch’s crafty talent on their company website, Facebook page or Instagram.