The Daily Gamecock

Cockstock brings 21 Savage to Colonial Life

As a part of Homecoming 2017, 21 Savage headlined this year's Cockstock musical event at Colonial Life Arena on Friday night. 

The night started quickly. The men's and women's basketball teams appeared early on in the event and engaged in a dance off, generating hype for the upcoming season.  

As the night progressed the crowd grew restless, chanting, "We want Savage," and students also booed over an announcement over the homecoming float competition winners. When an announcement came that Savage was experiencing a flight delay, many students left.  

Less than an hour later 21 Savage arrived, greeted with cheers. Savage performed not only his latest songs but also some of his earlier work for "day one 21 Savage fans." He also performed the current number one charted "Rockstar" by Post Malone on which he is featured. 

"He was late and that made the mood really odd. People were both bored and really excited,"  Vasco Madrid, first-year computer science student, said. "He started out with a very repetitive set that made you feel like you were in a trance, but every now and then you could pop out of that trance and dance." 

When asked if it was worth the wait, Jordan Bryant, first-year film and media studies student, said, "For me, yeah. The performance was high energy and overall a great performance."