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Foo Fighters post-grunge world tour comes to Colonial Life

Colonial Life Arena was flooded with ‘90s band tees Tuesday night for the Foo Fighters concert. The Seattle-based group was visiting Columbia as part of their world tour following their ninth album, “Concrete and Gold.”

The band performed a mix of songs from all nine of their albums. Recognizable songs like “The Pretender” and “My Hero” got the crowd especially excited.

The Struts, an English rock band, opened for the main act. They gave an electrifying, retro-classic rock performance with bright and colorful lights.

One USC student achieved the full Foo Fighters experience when he was called up on stage to play drums with the band. Second-year student Pierce Edge simply held a sign that read “Drums on Under Pressure?” This caught the band’s attention.

“Over the entire course of the show I was holding it up and finally at the encore Dave Grohl brought me on stage to play with the Foo Fighters. It hasn’t hit me yet,” Edge said.

Drummer Taylor Hawkins stepped aside to let Edge jump on his drum set. Edge played Queen’s “Under Pressure” with the band and snapped a few photos with Grohl.

Dave Grohl, founder and lead vocalist of the band, mentioned about half-way through the show that this was his first time at Colonial Life. He asked the crowd if it was anyone’s first time seeing the Foo Fighters perform. Most hands raised, and Grohl looked disappointed.

“We’ve gotta come here more often,” he said.

Near the end of the show, Grohl introduced each member of the band to the audience. Once he finished and all of the members had performed solos with their respective instruments, he turned to the crowd.

“I always think of you guys to be another member of the Foo Fighters.”

The Foo Fighters ended the show with crowd favorite “Everlong.”

Giving the audience a night filled with drum and guitar solos, head banging and screaming, the Foo Fighters truly fulfilled the definition of rock 'n' roll.