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Crime blotter: Firearm, drugs recovered from Disney princess bag, ruining childhood

Feb. 8, 2018. 9:17 a.m.

Over 80 grams of marijuana were recovered along with a loaded semi-automatic handgun ... from a purple Disney princess backpack. 

An officer smelled what he suspected could be burning marijuana coming from a vehicle on the 1100 block of Lincoln Street on Thursday morning. The officer also reported hearing music coming from the vehicle. Maybe it was Disney music, but USCPD did not specify.

The officer saw one of the car's windows rolled half-way down and the driver's seat occupied. He asked the person in the driver's seat about the smell, and the person said he had smoked marijuana. After the suspect consented to a search of his vehicle, he tried to make a phone call. When the officer instructed him to hang up the phone, the suspect fled on foot.

"After passing a few parked vehicles, [the suspect] attempted to cut in between a vehicle on his left, misjudged the height of the curb, struck his shin on the raised curb and fell forward onto the ground," USCPD reports. The suspect at this point is having himself a bad day. But it gets worse.

Once the officer read the suspect his Miranda rights, the suspect said that there was a gun and marijuana in a "pink bag" in the car. Upon searching the vehicle the officer found an open, purple Disney princess backpack in the back seat. According to the report the bag contained a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun, 20 rounds of ammunition and 80.7 grams of marijuana.

Where this suspect for a drugs and narcotics possession charge obtained a Disney princess backpack, USCPD may not care to know. But which Disney princess was on that bag — Sofia — the officer on the scene somehow knew and included in his report.

The handgun was legally obtained. The suspect said he purchased it at a gun show and used it "to protect his family." USCPD did not identify the person the suspect attempted to call in their report, but if there was ever a time to phone home, this was not it. 

With no further incident, though, the suspect was arrested and the keys to his vehicle were left with his mother.

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