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Archie Parnell (D)

Archie Parnell (D)


Lawyer, former tax attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice and for the House Ways & Means Committee.


Supports reducing interest rates on student loans, supports integrating apprenticeship programs into K-12 curriculum, supports making making technical schools and community colleges free, supports raising teacher salaries, supports expanding access to early childhood education, supports establishing new apprenticeship programs particularly in high-tech industries, supports the ACA, supports Medicare-for-all, supports permitting the government to negotiate with pharmaceutical manufacturers on prices, supports blocking any attempt to privatize Medicare or Social Security, supports universal background checks, supports laws that allow family members or law enforcement to ask a judge to temporarily restrict gun access for people who show dangerous warning signs that they are a threat to themselves or others, supports banning assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines, supports limiting access to silencers and bump stocks, supports banning people on the No Fly List from buying firearms, supports the Paris Climate Accords, support increased investment in climate science research, supports a ban on offshore drilling, supports investments in clean energy, supports cultural awareness and non-violent conflict resolution training for police officers, supports independent investigations of police shootings, supports making sure every police officer has access to body cameras, supports community-oriented policing policies, supports increase investments in infrastructure, supports a minimum wage increase, supports preventing Shaw Air Force Base from closing, support legislation that would make it illegal for veterans to be fired for missing for VA appointments, supports the digitization of VA records, supports providing mental health care and substance abuse programs to veterans, supports allowing veterans to seek mental health and substance abuse counseling at doctors not at the VA, supports expanding the York County Community Based Outpatient Clinic, supports rural development programs, supports equal work for equal pay laws, supports an expansion of medical leave laws, supports prohibiting the possession of firearms for people who have any protective order placed against them, supports closing the “boyfriend” loophole that would block domestic abusers from buying firearms, supports providing services and counseling to children who had been exposed to violence, supports programs aimed at high school students designed to discourage violence against women and girls, supports increased funding for Violence Against Women Act programs.

Public Relations Issues:

Physically abused his ex-wife in multiple instances during the 1970s