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Dave Moore (American)

Dave Moore (American)


Veteran, worked at the Library of Congress


Supports tariffs, supports creating federal and state banks that fund infrastructure and state projects, supports reinstating the Glass-Steagall act, supports breaking up big banks, supports a marginal tax rate held at 91 percent, supports a single-payer healthcare system, supports legislation that would force Wall Street to forgive and absorb all student debt as well as home mortgages, supports blocking the privatization of social security, supports supports raising the taxable income cap on Social Security, supports cutting the military budget, supports increasing military pay for the enlisted (50 percent), for officers (20 percent) and doubling all specialty pay (jump pay, combat pay, sea pay and pro pay), supports increasing the NASA budget to $100 million, supports block all trade agreements, supports a two state solution for Israel and Palestine based around blocking foreign aid to both, supports the forcible removal of Israeli settlers via threat of deadly force, supports the deployment of U.S. troops to Israel and Palestine to help facilitate a two state solution, supports drug decriminalization, supports a ban on private prisons, supports pressuring religious leaders to to excommunicate, refuse to marry, baptize and bless “destructive individuals” and their children, supports obtaining murder and arrest warrants against all Israeli personnel involved in the USS Liberty incident


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