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Joe Cunningham (D)

Joe Cunningham (D)


Ocean engineer, attorney


Wants no offshore drilling, wants term limits for all members of Congress, pledges to only serve three terms, pledges to not take an PAC or special interest group money, wants to improve the Department of Veterans Affairs, wants to help veterans gain employment or start their own businesses, wants the federal government to negotiate with drug companies to lower medication prices for people on Medicare, wants more middle class families to qualify for tax breaks to reduce their healthcare costs, wants to lower the Medicare age requirement from 65 to 55 over the course of ten years, wants to undo President Trump’s tariffs and to pass laws allowing more congressional oversight over tariffs, wants more investment in clean energy, wants automatic vote registration for those 18 or older, wants to fight gerrymandering, will oppose efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, wants to close the gender wage gap, wants to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity through legislation, supports strong background checks and closing loopholes for gun purchases.