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Student Spotlight: President Pastides Retiring

What are your thoughts on Pastides retiring?

First-year mechanical engineering student Ian Fladd

“I haven’t really met him yet so I don’t really have that much of an opinion on him. But I know that I’m going to miss his emails because I really liked them. They’re so happy, it’s not like you’re getting talked to by a higher up person that's looking down upon you. It’s like one of your friends.”

Third-year biology student Eduardo Diaz

“It’s really sad, and I mean I really was looking forward to shaking his hand at graduation. My freshman year, he had the Christmas party and I went with a group of friends. He was really, really nice and he was taking selfies with all of us, and it’s kind of sad and disappointing that he’s leaving.”

Fourth-year biological sciences student Breanna Boone

“I’m about to graduate in December, actually. So, I’m actually really thankful that I get to shake his hand at graduation. But I always thought it was cool, what I’m going to miss is that he used to always email us when anything went wrong, when everything was going good, there was always an email from him. It makes me feel like it actually is a family and he actually lives on campus so it’s like he’s always there for all of us, all of us are his students and his kids. It’s going to be weird having a different president and no one’s going to take his place.”

Third-year electrical engineering student Julian Lawrence

“It’s disappointing because well, one I didn’t order my ring until next semester or the year after, so he won’t be able to give me my ring. And he can’t shake my hand at graduation or anything. Also, I believe the new president is not going to be as engaging ... because I could probably walk around campus and maybe see [Pastides] and he would engage with me.”

Fourth-year biological sciences student Emma Eisenhardt

“I’m really happy to hear that they’re going to enjoy the rest of their life in a less stressful environment and get to actually see friends and family more often. But it's going to be so sad to see him go. Luckily, I’m a senior so I don’t see the transition, but it’s kind of symbolic that we’re ending when he’s ending. But he’s been an amazing president and not many schools you just get this kind of connection with their university president that we do so it’s something really special.” 

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