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Mary Geren (D)

Mary Geren (D)


Former lecturer at Clemson University, English Instructor at Tri-County Technical College


Supports Tuition-free community college and trade school, supports legislation that would require lower student loan interest rates, supports continued funding for programs like Title I, Title IX, and IDEA, supports Medicare-for-all, supports Medicaid expansions, supports the ACA pre-existing conditions clause, supports allowing Medicare to negotiate prices with drug companies, supports allowing the importation of lower-cost drugs from Canada and making it easier to bring generic drugs to the market, supports a minimum wage increase, supports legislation that would require companies to offer paid family or sick leave, supports legislation that will clearly outline the rights of workers to collectively bring class action lawsuits against their employers, supports a nationwide infrastructure program, supports reinstating the Glass-Steagall act, supports tax reform that would roll back tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, supports getting rid of tariffs, supports a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, supports investments into clean energy, supports an offshore oil drilling ban, supports maintaining the Clean Air Act, supports legislation that would make hiring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity illegal, supports increasing police officer training, supports community policing plans, supports reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, supports DACA, supports blocking a wall on the Mexican border, supports thorough vetting of refugees seeking asylum in the U.S., supports raising the taxable income cap on Social Security, supports universal background checks for firearms purchases, supports a ban on assault-style weapons, high-capacity magazines and bump stocks, supports increased funding for mental healthcare and mental health research, supports closing the “boyfriend” loophole that would block domestic abusers from buying firearms, supports law enforcement confiscating firearms when responding to domestic violence incidents, supports making election day a national holiday, supports maintaining the Voting Rights Act, supports establishing a process for non-partisan redistricting efforts to block gerrymandering, supports voter re-franchisement for non-violent offenders, supports programs that would provide job training, affordable housing, and education to veterans, supports net neutrality, supports eliminating mandatory minimum sentences and sentencing disparities (like between crack and cocaine), supports a ban on private prisons, supports treating drug addiction like a disease rather than a crime, supports job training and education programs for prisoners, supports overturning Citizens United, pledges to not take any corporate PAC money, supports stricter laws to guarantee donor transparency, supports legalizing medical marijuana


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