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Sean Carrigan (D)

Sean Carrigan (D)


Army veteran


Supports a ban on offshore drilling, supports tax credits for people who use electric cars and solar panels, supports carbon fees that pay dividends to clean energy households, supports reimplementation of the Clean Water Act, supports a ban on fracking, supports stipends and grants for local farmers, supports higher fuel efficiency standards for cars, supports the expansion of national monuments, supports the legalization and taxation of medicinal marijuana, supports using medical marijuana taxes to fund infrastructure, supports rescheduling marijuana, supports federal funding for studies on marijuana, supports mandating insurance companies cover medical marijuana, supports the repeal of the Patriot Act, supports plans to work with our local partners in the Middle East to fight terrorism, supports the U.N. raiding terrorist website servers, supports labeling white supremacist groups domestic terrorist organizations, supports a federal hiring ban on people who have ties to terror or hate groups, supports requiring Congressional approval for “preemptive strikes,” supports stipends and grants for minority-owned businesses for the first ten years of existence, supports requiring racial sensitivity training for federal jobs, supports overhauling public housing through renovations and pathways to homeownership, supports making it illegal to pay women less than a man for the same job, supports a federal program that would provide a 12-month supply of birth control through Medicare, supports overturning Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) laws at the federal level, supports fully funding Planned Parenthood, supports classifying domestic violence as “domestic terrorism” so that it can be federally prosecuted, supports creating a national registry of domestic abusers, supports partially withholding federal funds from universities and college campuses that sweep campus rape under the rug, supports allowing civilian trials of rape in the military, supports banning employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, supports allowing transgender people to use affidavits to secure their pronouns on forms of ID, supports banning housing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, supports adding LGBTQ+ protections to the Civil Rights Act, supports sanctioning Russia for protecting the Chechnyan genocide of gay and lesbian civilians, supports removing the Republican provision to tax churches, religious centers and non-profits, supports repealing the travel ban on Muslim majority countries, supports strengthening anti-hate crime laws to protect Muslims, Jews and other religious minorities, supports condemning terror organizations who target and kill Christian missionaries, supports fully funding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), supports requiring people with disabilities be paid at least minimum wage, supports working with the Department of Transportation to make sure public transit is accessible to people with disabilities, supports protecting disability payments in the budget, supports developing policies that stop the abuse of the disabled, supports making legislative proceedings, executive press conference, SCOTUS hearings and other public governmental processes more accessible to people with disabilities, supports banning the construction of pipelines and other projects through Native American land and through Native American riverways, supports allowing tribes to prosecute people who commit violent crimes against Native Americans, supports increasing funding of housing projects on Native American land, supports increasing the funding of the Indian Health Services, supports requiring local governments to secure polling places on Native American lands in every election that covers their area, supports developing curriculum to teach indigenous languages and cultures in schools, supports the CDC studying gun violence in America, supports universal background checks for firearms purchases, supports short waiting periods to buy a gun, supports banning bump stocks, supports the standardization of gun safety training, supports Extreme Risk Protective Orders (ERPOs) at the federal level, supports a nationwide infrastructure plan, supports an increase in the minimum wage to $15, supports a ban on standardized testing, supports a repeal of common core, supports getting rid of property tax funding of schools, supports a ban on school vouchers, supports congressional reporting on better ways for schools to get parents involved, supports legislation at the federal level that will combat bullying, supports raising teacher salaries, supports encouraging schools to hire licensed therapists, supports reducing classroom sizes, supports offering tuition waivers for the first two years of community college, supports federal matching for state community college investment, supports low-rate refinancing opportunities for current student loan borrowers, supports a focus on trade educations, supports requiring colleges to investigate reports of on-campus rape publicly, supports issuing guidelines on how tuition should be spent with emphasis on wider distribution of funds, supports work at the federal level to keep schools benefitting small communities open, supports a rework of state bail systems, supports getting rid of mandatory minimums, supports prison rehabilitation programs, supports a ban on private prisons, supports a Medicare buy-in option for those aged 55 and above, supports blocking legislation that undermines the ACA, supports blocking the privatization of Medicare and Medicaid, supports fully funding and reauthorizing the Children’s Health Insurance Program, supports allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies, supports a $1 trillion infrastructure reform act that includes funding for hospitals in rural regions, pro-choice, supports allowing Americans to cross the border into Canada to purchase medicine, supports legislation that allows Americans to keep their doctors under any changes in the U.S. healthcare system, supports legislation that requires a universal system by 2028.


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