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Businesses in Five Points get festive for Halloween

This Halloween, business owners of Five Points kept their doors open later than usual to pass out candy to locals. Families went from door to door throughout the area to shop seasonal sales while snacking on candy.

“On Halloween, all the Five Points community and Columbia community members come down and trick or treat early before the businesses close.” said the manager of Yesterday’s restaurant, Lonnie MacRae.“We ran out of candy within the first hour and a half, but usually it drives away a little business because people are eating early and going out and getting that candy all night.”

Other businesses had similar experiences. 

“We had a bunch of kids stop by today and we actually ended up running out of candy and I actually bought like six bags worth, so I definitely think they enjoyed it.” said Vestique manager and fourth-year retail student Haley Winetroub.

While some merchants celebrated the holiday by hanging up festive decorations, a few took it a little further by dressing up in costumes to show their Halloween spirit. 

Bailey Clark, a Starbucks barista, sported a witch’s hat and dark clothes under her apron. 

“It hasn’t been super busy getting drinks-wise. We have seen a lot of little kids coming in with their parents and getting candy," said Clark, who's also a first-year math and physics student at USC. "Water and juice is the popular drinks, but other than that it hasn’t affected making lattes and cappuccinos overall.” 

Kelly Tabor, owner of Good for the Sole Shoes thought that the event reflected the community in a positive light, as it allowed families to see that Five Points has more to it than its college bar reputation. He spoke about how it was fun seeing all of the different costumes that the children were wearing, despite business being slow.  

“It brings more customers down to see us after they’ve seen our merchandise, that way they can get an idea of what’s going on in Five Points," Tabor said, "That we’re more than just bars — we’re also retail and restaurants.”