Crime Blotter: Officers find fake IDs, real Mary Jane

Pretending to be from Michigan unfortunately won't get you out of a possession charge in South Carolina.

Two USCPD police officers were dispatched to Bates House last week after a complaint was made regarding a smell of marijuana on the third floor. 

When the officers arrived, they were directed by a Resident Mentor to the area by the room where the marijuana smell was detected, according to the police report.

The officers spoke with the two residents and inquired about the smell, to which they openly admitted that there was marijuana in the room and that they had been smoking. One resident gave the officers a plastic bag containing around 2.8 grams of a substance believed to be marijuana.

Both residents were found to be in possession of fake Michigan driver’s licenses, which they voluntarily turned over to the officers when asked for identification.

Upon being granted consent to search the room, one officer discovered a black and green vial of THC liquid labeled as “Phoenix Tears” in one of the residents’ dresser drawers. The vial had a listed percentage of approximately 80-90 percent THC. Officers also discovered and disposed of a homemade water bong.

The two residents were cited for simple possession of marijuana and possession of fake IDs and were released.

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