Crime Blotter: Underage man found with 64 beers in car

An underage male blew a 0.16, double the legal limit, for percent blood alcohol level after  officer found 64 beers in the man's vehicle upon search.

A USCPD officer was stationed on Blossom Street during the early last Sunday when he saw a vehicle turn left, despite oncoming traffic. The officer pulled the driver over after the vehicle nearly collided with another. Upon contact, he noticed a strong smell of alcohol on the driver’s breath.

The driver initially said he had not consumed alcohol that night, but later admitted to drinking one beer around four hours prior. This story did not hold up when he was unable to follow the directions given by the officer for the sobriety test.

The officer placed the driver under arrest, at which time he admitted to having four or five beers earlier that night and claiming all beer in his vehicle. At this point, he exceeded the 0.02 percent blood alcohol content limit for those under 21 years of age. 

This is when the driver decided to change his story again. After his arrest, he admitted to drinking three or four beers before going downtown, and three or four vodka Sprites following. Upon search of his vehicle, the officer discovered a fake ID and 64 beer cans. USCPD specified four different brands of beer, three of which were light beers and one of which was blueberry flavored. 

The driver was taken to Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center with USCPD never knowing how much beer he did, in fact, drink.

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