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Bull Street garage now accepts credit, debit cards

Student Body President Luke Rankin announced that Bull Street garage will now accept multiple methods of payment Wednesday evening.

The garage will now accept credit and debit cards, MobilePay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay as methods for paying for hourly parking. Previously, the garage only accepted cash and Carolina Cash.

Rankin said he worked on this all summer and that this makes parking in the garage easier, especially for visitors who do not have Carolina Cash.

"This is a university garage, and this is all university done," Rankin said. "We had help with parking services, they identified the technology and the infrastructure to be able to bring up for that to be put into the garage."

Rankin said many people were involved with making this possible, but credited board of trustees chairman Jon von Lehe and university President Bob Caslen for directly bringing attention to the issue and making the payment methods possible.

In Rankin's campaign for student body president, he discussed the idea of kiosks to pay for parking in Bull Street garage and said the kiosks are still in the works.

"This was the first step to those parking kiosks, and that will require a little bit more time," Rankin said. "So, now that this is being offered in the current infrastructure with the current pick-up and drop-off payment zone that there is, this is that first great step in working towards kiosks." 

Students can use these methods of payments at the pay station in Bull Street garage as of Tuesday, Aug. 27.