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Student ticketing office revokes football privileges

The student ticketing office revoked multiple students' 2019 football ticket privileges before the Alabama game following reports of attempts to buy or sell either their own or other students' tickets. 

In the USC class Facebook pages many students join when they enter USC, students post inquiries to buy and sell football tickets for the games, wristbands for the Fraternity and Memorial lots and textbooks. USC is one of the only schools in the SEC that has free tickets for sporting events, so paying for tickets in any way is considered against the rules. 

"Student tickets are awarded based on Gamecock Rewards points and are non-transferable,” Patrick Flynn, USC's student ticketing manager, said in an email. “Unfortunately, we have a few students that are taking advantage of the system at the expense of other students. If you don’t plan on using your own ticket, don’t claim one and we will administer it to another student.”

Blake Ford, a third-year exercise science student, was one of the students who had her ticketing privileges revoked for the remainder of the season. Ford posted in her university class Facebook group asking to buy a student ticket so her younger sister could attend the game and have a complete student experience. 

“My little sister was visiting me this weekend, so I didn’t want to abandon her for the game," Ford said. "I was just trying to find a lower deck ticket so that I could just bring her with me."

Mandi Steinhagen, a third-year economics student, also lost her football tickets for the remainder of the season.  

"I posted in the Facebook group trying to find a ticket for my friend who had graduated," Steinhagen said. 

Steinhagen said that at the University of Alabama, students have a specific Facebook group for exchanging student tickets.

Flynn said the ticketing office receives reports of the Facebook group activity from USC students. 

"[S]tudents reach out and share screenshots of those either selling or asking for student tickets," Flynn said in an email. "Many are frustrated seeing students take advantage of other students and the ticketing process."

After a student's ticket privileges are revoked, the student ticketing office recommends they learn from their experience and let others know not to sell, buy or try to use another student's ticket. The Facebook pages are filled with people trying to buy or sell football tickets, but some students don't know the creators of these posts have had their privileges revoked.  

Students who lose their privileges receive an email from the student ticketing office informing them of the loss of their privileges for the remainder of the season along with a screenshot of their Facebook post. The email says if students are found violating the office's policies again, the student will be sent to the student conduct office. 


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