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Letter to the graduates: 'Gamecock Jesus' Carlton Thompson

Dear Graduating Students,

Go Gamecocks! Go out into the world and show them how we do things here at the University of South Carolina. Go be the best at what you do. Go invent a way to remove excess carbon from the atmosphere. Go find an antiviral that can be used to fight the family of corona viruses and HIV. Go introduce intelligent transportation systems that make our cities safer and cleaner. Go fight injustice where you see it. Go defend the powerless and lead the powerful to a sustainable future. Go save an endangered species. Go make your mark in professional sports. Go teach children to be good citizens and thoughtful humans.

You have been through challenging times lately, as we all have. Your perseverance and dedication to your values have brought you to graduation, a goal you have achieved through hard work over several years. I don't think I need to tell you that the challenges will not stop here. Things could get worse or better. Either way, you have been given the tools to accomplish many things in the future that can make life better for you, your community and the world.

Go out and get it done! Go and take the Gamecock spirit with you as you blaze your own path into this uncertain future. Go tell the world about the rich learning experiences you have encountered at your alma mater. But don't forget where you came from. Come back and visit when you can. Cheer for our teams. Mourn our losses. When possible, make financial gifts so that others can learn. Go Gamecocks! And make us proud.


Carlton W Thompson

Gamecock Jesus aka Carlton Thompson

USC School of Nursing class of 1982