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A guide to finding jobs on campus

Finding a job on campus can be challenging at times, but Adarsh Shidhaye, a third-year public health student, advises students to put themselves out there when job-hunting.

"I feel like a lot of people who are looking for a student job but have not been able to find one are just not looking hard enough. There are so many different ways you can find one, but you're gonna have to put yourself out there," Shidhaye said. 

Shidhaye works on-campus in the Office of Pre-Professional Advising. He found out about the job during the Pre-Medical Academic and Career Exploration Series through one of his counselors. 

Tasha Jenkins, manager of student employment at the Career Center, says to be patient while trying to find a job during a pandemic.

"Always be willing to think differently about opportunities and stay open to those possibilities. Get creative. If you can't find a job or find the ideal job opportunities that you're looking for, then there are other opportunities that maybe you'd be able to create for yourself," Jenkins said.

Jenkins also suggests looking at Handshake, Parker Dewey and job search websites and considering micro-internships. Jenkins said that not all campus jobs are posted on Handshake, but the Career Center works closely with other offices to increase the available positions.

Jenkins said students should be cautious of job scams when searching for employment virtually.

"When you're searching for that online job, be it whatever search engine you choose, you want to be skeptical. Obviously, if a job is offering a lot of money for very little work, it could be a scam," Jenkins said. "You want to research the employer, you want to really engage and learn whether or not they have a reputable website or professional references that you can glean some information from."

Shidhaye enjoys working on campus as employers generally understand students' busy schedules. 

"We have some really great departments on campus, and every single department for the most part is very flexible with students. It's the best of both worlds. You get real world experience with a job, but you also get to be a student and get to maintain your social life and make sure you're studying," Shidhaye said.

He also likes being able to meet new people and make connections throughout campus and within his own office.

Erin Muller, the Career Center's assistant director, says that students will be able to access the Career Center virtually and in-person during the fall semester. 

"Our services will be available from nine to five in-person where students can make an appointment and get help on a search plan for jobs or internships, developing resources for networking, as well as resumes," Muller said. "We will also be offering virtual support after 5 p.m. for those students who are not on campus or who have scheduled restrictions."

The Career Center is holding a virtual part-time job fair on August 27. Muller recommends the fair for new students and returning students to find part-time jobs on and off-campus.

"We will have a variety of organizations and employers present virtually," Muller said. 

Jenkins encourages students to utilize the Career Center and its career coaches while job searching.

"We help students at every level in every stage of planning and preparation," Jenkins said. "We also recommend getting in touch with your career coach as they're a great resource, and they provide both job search guidance and post-graduation planning." 


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