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Scavenger hunt

Use the following clues to find letters from plaques and buildings around campus. Unscramble the letters for a message for your semester.


Here’s a health, Carolina

  1. Richard Greener
    1. Find the statue that stands near T. Coop
    2. The plaque’s fourth and fifth letters will give you the scoop
    3. H and A
  2. Tree of Knowledge
    1. Close at hand there’s a special tree
    2. On the plaque find letters two and three
    3. R and E
  3. Russell House
    1. On Greene Street find the hub made for students like you
    2. The building’s fifth and eighth letters will give your clue
    3. E and H
  4. Big Rock WW1 monument on Greene St behind Cocky
    1. Go to Greene Street and find the rock with a plaque
    2. The second word of the first line will put you right on track
    3. E and T (second word of first line)
  5. Cocky 
    1. Our friendly mascot makes our day better
    2. For your next clue, look to the first and second letters
    3. Answer: C and O
  6. Carolinian Creed by Currell
    1. Near Currell stands our university’s creed
    2. The plaque’s fifth and second letters will give you the clues you need
    3. L and A
  7. Phi Beta Kappa plaque (also by Currell)
    1. Across the way find an ode to the Greek
    2. Letters two and seven are the hints that you seek
    3. H and A
  8. Slave quarters on the Horseshoe by the president’s house
    1. Find the Slave Quarters on the Horseshoe
    2. For your next clue see letters one and two 
    3. S and L
  9. President’s House
    1. Find the house where Caslen stays
    2. Look at the sign’s fifth and eighth letters to go on your merry ways
    3. I and N
  10. The torch bearer at Wardlaw 
    1. Near the education building find the big horse
    2. The 11th and 12th letters will get you right on course
    3. A and R


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