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Column: You had me at pizza

Check out these pizza spots where there is enough flavor for everyone

Whether it’s after a night out with your friends or a movie in bed, there is no better company than a slice of pizza . . . or three. We are getting down to business with these top picks, places that pizza wouldn't disappoint coming straight from the fridge or oven. 

From Chicago style to authentic New York pizza pie, there are plenty of local options that bring tempting taste to the table. Here are some delicious fan favorites:

Nicky’s Pizzeria 

If you are in Five Points, you should end the night here. Available by the slice or by the pie, this place is guaranteed to wow you. Bringing authentic New York pizza to Columbia, you can expect one slice the size of two plates. 

Their pizza crust is left to rise overnight so only the fluffiest crust is served. Topped with sweet marinara sauce, this Sicilian flare is found just around the corner from Group Therapy on Green Street. Stromboli, calzones, subs and salads are also available at this joint. 

My favorite: Chicken Bacon Ranch

Mellow Mushroom 

Located in the Vista, this funky atmosphere is filled with Carolina art and savory smells to keep your mood mellow. These stone-baked pizzas feature crust made from Appalachian spring waters. This is why crust-lovers often enjoy the pretzel appetizer made from the crust. 

A build-your-own pie option is available for picky pizza eaters and those who have mastered their preferred pie. Any pizza can be made gluten-free and vegan, which makes this spot a strong contender. 

My favorite: Funky Q Chicken


Dano’s is a pizza stop that brings New York style food local. It’s fast, it delivers and it accommodates your taste buds. With special request, this pizza is best with the red sauce or homemade ricotta cheese sauce drizzled on top. This makes your experience much more saucy and messy, but it is a unique New York style that is a must-try. 

This huge menu makes for a great catering option. Veal parmesan, deep fried mac n cheese and New York-style hot dogs are just some other things to expect. 

My favorite: Vegetarian White Pizza 

Stoner’s Pizza Joint 

These age-old recipes receive continuous positive buzz in the city, making Stoner's one of the best pizza spots in town. Authenticity and fresh ingredients are what keeps me coming back to this joint. According to the place itself, the “magical Stoner’s touch” is what makes this pizza so beloved. 

Its pepperoni stands out — it curls perfectly to capture that yummy sauce on each bite. Delivering on- and off-campus, this pizza is brought to your door fast and fresh, and its location on Washington St. makes it great if you are near the city. 

My favorite: Nice to Meat you 

Za’s on Devine 

This brick oven pizza has had me hooked since my first week as a student here. The contemporary atmosphere and culinary technique mark this place as top notch. Locally sourced ingredients make this wood-fired pizza and the Italian-inspired dishes very popular in the neighborhood. 

As one of the nicer pizza joints in town, the full-service restaurant and bar is a great spot for brunch with mimosas or pizza conveniently on wine Wednesday. 

My favorite: Breakfast Pizza (available Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.) 

Old Chicago 

Chicago-style pizza can be found in the Vista at Old Chicago. Served in a deep dish, these pizza pies are guaranteed to be cheesy. Genuine Chicago-style goodness is offered along with high-quality craft beers. These pizzas are loaded, so come hungry and possibly with some help from friends. You get a lot for your dough here. 

My favorite: Tuscan Chicken with Spinach 

Village idiot 

Village Idiot is a local pizza spot located in Forest Acres, Five Points and Olympia at the Mills. The convenient location no doubt makes this pizza some of the most popular in the area. Thinner but large pieces filled with toppings will fill you up before your night on the town or from the floor of your living room. 

There are plenty of “idiot suggestions” to hit the spot. My roommate and I have deemed this place a bowling alley pizza vibe but boujee. Meaning, fast, delicious, hot and gone in seconds. 

My favorite: Buffalo Chicken


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