The Daily Gamecock

Recipe: Red, white and Mali-blue: Your favorite Labor Day cocktail

Fall is right around the corner, but we still have one more weekend to celebrate the end of summer with this drink, a re-make of Moosehead's fan-favorite Shark Attack bucket with added Malibu. This sweet, tropical cocktail is the perfect way to send off summer and roll into fall. The tropical coconut pairs well with the grenadine, making this cocktail sweeter than most. 

If wanting a virgin cocktail for the whole family to enjoy, simply replace the Malibu with coconut water and Blue Curaçao with blue Hawaiian punch! 


Ice (to taste)

2 shots Malibu

Grenadine (to taste)

1 shot Blue Curaçao 

Sprite (to taste)

Maraschino Cherry (optional)

In a tall glass with ice, add your grenadine first. Next, add sprite with shots of Malibu. Top off your glass with Blue Curaçao to allow layers to form. Garnish with a maraschino cherry if desired, and voila.