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Diveley twins discuss their experiences on Gamecock Twitter

In sports, sibling duos can extend off the field in the form of fans, coaches and even popular Gamecock Twitter accounts, specifically twins Taylor and Noah Diveley. The Diveley brothers are two of the more popular accounts on Gamecock Twitter, with more than 6,000 followers total.

Taylor and Noah, better known as “tdizzle” and “Gamecock Noah,” respectively, started their accounts in 2014. The two accounts started growing as the sibling duo “grew off of each other,” according to Noah Diveley, a 2020 USC alumnus.

Before the two rose to Gamecock Twitter primacy, Taylor Diveley said, he didn't expect the attention he got on the social media website.

“Whenever I joined, I had no idea how [Twitter] worked. I feel like Twitter, compared to other social media, is really hard to get off the ground," Taylor Diveley said. "I never expected it at all, actually.” 

Since then, the two brothers have become a recognizable duet on Gamecock Twitter, even bringing Gamecock fans together, according to Alex Cosentino, a friend of the twins.

"Theyve been a big part of Gamecock Twitter for 3 or 4 years now," Cosentino said in a Twitter DM. "We’ve been in multiple Twitter group chats of gamecock fans over the last few years and they get fans of all Gamecocks sports to come together. You can’t be a Gamecock fan on twitter and not know who Taylor and Noah are."

The Diveleys' popularity and impact on Twitter has led them to meeting some fellow members of Gamecock Twitter.

“It’s been a crazy experience, because I've gotten to meet a whole lot of people in-person from Gamecock Twitter, whether it be at different tailgates or just knowing people on Gamecock Twitter who live near Coastal and going to grab lunch with them,” Taylor Diveley, a fourth-year Coastal Carolina music student, said. “It’s such a passionate, up and down, emotional group of fans.” 

Noah Diveley said he had a similar relationship with Gamecock nation.

“It’s cool to go to Gamecock sporting events and people recognize me from Twitter and come up and say ‘hey,’" Noah Diveley said. "We get to talking about Gamecock Twitter without them knowing who I am, and then I can kind of drop that bomb.”

As the two accounts continue to grow, the Diveley twins have used a sibling rivalry dynamic to boost each other to new heights on Twitter.

“I try not to think of it as a competition, but it always is. He always gives me crap when I'm home about how, ‘Oh, Taylor, you’re still at, like, 2,000,’ and I’m like, ‘Whatever, Noah,’” Taylor Diveley said. “It’s good that we can push each other with thoughts and tweets and that we’ll know that we’ll be getting a big following from just supporting each other.”

Editor's note: Noah Dively is a former employee of Garnet Media Group.


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