The Daily Gamecock

Playlist of the week: Facing fall

Fall is finally here. This season is one of reflection and contentment.

This week's playlist features easy-listening, chill songs reminiscent of late-night bonfires and lattes. Let it be the soundtrack to your slow mornings in bed, your exam study sessions or wherever you might need warmth as we move into colder weather.

"Cherry Flavoured" – The Neighbourhood

"Goodbye Bread" –Ty Segall

"Collective Dreamwish of Upperclass Elegance" – Granddady

"Sum Secret" – Alex G

"I Remember Caroline" – Honeybus

"Baby Don't Believe" – Tennis

"Another Weekend" – Ariel Pink 

"Ghostride" – Crumb

"Blondie" – Current Joys

"Show Me How" – Men I Trust

"C U Girl" – Steve Lacy

"Great Dane" – Cosmo Pike

"circle the drain" – Soccer Mommy

"Wolfcat" – Still Woozy

"Hand Me Downs" – Mac Miller

"Swing Lynn" – Harmless