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COVID-19 dashboard update: Cases remain in 50s, small rises in all statistics reported

Friday’s COVID-19 dashboard update saw USC facing 58 total active COVID-19 cases.  

The new total is an increase from Tuesday’s 53. Of these cases, 52 are students, and six are university employees. There are 477 pending tests results.

Additionally, the total positive test rate has risen to 1.38% from Tuesday’s 0.93%. The student positive test rate is 1.63%, while among employees, the positive test rate was 0.54%, down from 0.74% Tuesday. There were 2,071 tests performed during this testing period.

The university’s quarantine and isolation units are no longer empty, with 2.60% of the university’s available space in use.

According to university spokesperson Jeff Stensland, the amount of spaces in quarantine filled are “about 20.” 

Testing schedules and locations, which include Davis Field and behind the Student Health Center, can be found on the university's COVID-19 website.

Those experiencing symptoms should make a telemedicine appointment through MyHealthSpace.

A total of 2,653 people have had the coronavirus at USC since Aug. 1, and 2,595 of those have recovered. 

Although the alert level has risen, from Tuesday’s .09 to .27, it remains at the lowest level, “New Normal.” The alert level is calculated using 11 factors, including testing, on-campus case burden and quarantine and isolation capacity.

The COVID-19 dashboard will be updated every Tuesday and Friday.


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