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Artist spotlight: Sanchez Goodjoin brings poetic music to life with 'Freddie Mercury vibes'

<p>Sanchez Goodjoin performs at the Koger Center for the Arts. Goodjoin is known for his exciting stage presence.&nbsp;</p>
Sanchez Goodjoin performs at the Koger Center for the Arts. Goodjoin is known for his exciting stage presence. 

Singer-songwriter and musician Sanchez Goodjoin writes rhyming lines and poetry everyday. He takes moments, his thoughts on the world, people in his life — or not in his life anymore — and eases them out of his brain at a musical vibration.

"I guess people call them songs," Goodjoin, a fourth-year anthropology student, said.

This perspective is one of the many artistic flares Goodjoin brings to creating and performing music. 

His music tells the story of many sentiments, such as not necessarily being loved by people in a desired manner or, in contrast, being loved by people who have cared and shared fulfilling friendships. He uses music as a way of expressing personal emotions to others, free of judgment.

"In poetry, music form, it's much easier," Goodjoin said. 

Goodjoin has found inspiration from artists such as Maggie Rogers and Dominic Fike and, like many artists during the pandemic, said he longs for the fan base connections that live gigs offer.  

He said he hasn't been able to perform and interact with fans as much as he would like, but friend and musical partner Louis Rubino said the concerts are "like almost having a conversation with the audience."

Carson Peaden, a third-year journalism student and friend of Goodjoin, said he gives off “Freddie Mercury vibes.” 

Peaden said Goodjoin belongs on stage, and it’s obvious that he finds comfort and freedom there.

“Although, the music is part of the performance as well, of course, the main part is him, himself," Peaden said. "It felt like you were almost seeing a character come to life." 

Goodjoin combines many talents through music such as guitar, piano, bass guitar and drums — all on top of singing and songwriting.

But he doesn’t stop there.

“I’m more than a musician; I’m a social advocate,” Goodjoin said.

As an anthropology major, Goodjoin said learning about humans and culture is something he finds himself really engaged in.

He advocates for the Black community, the LGBTQIA+ community, race relations and gender equality, along with just being a better person.

"I think now we'll be benefiting from our mistakes, and, moving forward, we'll be a lot happier," Goodjoin said. "A lot more focus; maybe a little more loving to the people around us; a little more understanding and willing to listen."

He is also one of the pioneers for the future of a sustainable artist community.  

Rubino, a fourth-year entrepreneurial management and finance student, has welcomed Goodjoin as one of the first to his record label, the Valley Bear Collective, as an "integral part of the artistry collective."

After graduation, these friends' goal is to move their artist scope beyond Columbia and "living the farm life and enjoying nature."

Similar to the simplicity in nature and sustainability, Goodjoin's creative process comes naturally. 

<p>Sanchez Goodjoin often performs at New Brookland Tavern in West Columbia.&nbsp;</p>
Sanchez Goodjoin often performs at New Brookland Tavern in West Columbia. 

Rubino said Goodjoin will start singing whatever comes to his mind, and his music feels like a "stream of consciousness."

Goodjoin's debut album is in the works. He said the album is the equivalent to hearing "the fullness of myself" and is "straight from the heart."

His most recent single, "Couscous," was recorded live in his family's church with the organs, piano, guitar amps and drums.

"It was just soulful; beautiful. I don't know, it's how I feel right now," Goodjoin said. "It's what I'm most proud of because it's fully live and I made it all myself, and I made it on a very pretty day, and it was about moving forward, and it's about this new person in my life. It's like I'm moving forward, and I'm excited."

A lot of his music prior has been introspective and looking at the past, but with this new single, he said he feels a shift to looking at steps toward the future.

Goodjoin can be found on Instagram, and his new single is available on Apple Music.


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