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Letters to the editor: Student body vice president candidates write why students should vote for them

The Daily Gamecock asked student body vice president candidates to write about why students should vote for them in lieu of an endorsement. Here's what they wrote:

Emily Dengler, third-year public health student

My name is Emily Dengler, and I am honored to be running to serve you as student body vice president. I am originally from Collegeville, Pennsylvania, but over the past three years, Columbia has become my home. As a freshman, I was eager to get involved and make an impact on campus, but my journey took an untraditional path. I believe that this path molded me into who I am today and best to serve you. I was rejected from freshman council, but little did I know that I would end up in Student Government serving on the vice president’s staff. This journey has given me the tools and experience necessary to not only successfully serve you but to "EVOLVE" this university into something bigger and better.

Aidan and I chose to create the "EVOLVE" campaign because we know that it is important to learn from our past while continuing to innovate for the future. We live in an unprecedented time and we refuse to let our current circumstances silence the voices of Gamecocks. Carolina BeYOUtiful and Key Week are both examples of programming from the vice president’s office that served the student body well in the past, but we should not settle on only two key events.

When elected, my goal will be to develop valuable and accessible programming and resources for every Gamecock regardless of their experiences by expanding both in-person and virtual office hours. My goal is to bridge the gap between the old and the new for a better Carolina. I am grateful to be running for student body vice president, and I hope you consider me when voting on Feb. 23 and 24. Whether in Columbia or attending class virtually, we all deserve to feel at home at Carolina. Together as Gamecocks.

Ashlyn Osborne, second-year marketing student 

My name is Ashlyn Osborne, and I am excited to be your candidate for student body vice president. The knowledge I have gained through my two years of experience on campus makes me the best candidate for this position. I am passionate about increasing sustainability, improving the quality of our mental health resources and securing results for the student body.

Freshman year, I joined my social sorority, Chi Omega, and became an orientation leader. As an orientation leader, I helped to acclimate over 5,000 students to the resources and opportunities that our university has to offer. As the vice of community service in my professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, I am responsible for programming, executing and inspiring individuals to participate in community service events. I am currently serving as the director of programming in the office of the student body treasurer, where I work closely with my incredible running mate Caden Askew. 

My extensive experience in programming has prepared me for the day-to-day operations of the student body vice president’s office. What differentiates me from my opponent is I understand this office has become so much more than programming. Through the leadership of current Student Body Vice President Hannah White, the vice president has been included in more conversations, and more important conversations, than ever before.

While programming is important, the office is no longer just about its resources. The office comes with a responsibility to be courageous by elevating voices that have been overlooked. This advocacy cannot die with the end of her administration, and I am the best candidate to carry on her legacy.

As your next student body vice president, alongside Caden Askew as your student body president, I am ready to deliver on all of these promises.