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Letters to the editor: Student body treasurer candidates write why students should vote for them

The Daily Gamecock asked student body treasurer candidates to write about why students should vote for them in lieu of an endorsement. Here's what they wrote:

Samuel Courson, third-year statistics and economics student 

Hi, my name is Sam Courson. I am a third-year statistics/economics student from Lawrenceville, Georgia, and I am running to be your next student body treasurer. This is my third year in Student Government and second year in the treasurer's office. I have served under Treasurer Kate Lewis as a comptroller, and I currently serve under Treasurer Caden Askew as the chief comptroller and his director of platform. I am also involved in Delta Tau Delta fraternity, ODK Chi Circle and I will be working as a data analysis intern at BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina this summer. I am the most experienced candidate because I have the longest tenure and highest position in the treasurer's office, and I have seen its shortcomings/inefficiencies and its successes. I currently work with 204 student organizations and over 300 in my time in Student Government, so I have seen the issues that organizations face when it comes to funding, and I know how to fix them.

My platform particularly focuses on passing the referendum to transition the treasurer's office into a position within the presidential cabinet because this will create a sustainable structure of our government. I also plan on fostering financial literacy through a series of "vlogs" regarding important topics. I plan to promote our money managing program in the Student Success Center rather than creating my own workshops because I feel that this causes the least amount of confusion to students and does not overstep the duties of the office. Finally, I will continue a culture of financial transparency by continuing tools such as the live budget and by announcing/detailing important financial happenings at the university. With the upcoming referendum, it is more crucial than ever to pick an experienced candidate­, to vote for Sam Courson.

Matt Durant, third-year finance and risk management student

Matt is a third-year finance and risk management student at the Darla Moore School of Business. Matt is originally from Rhode Island but now calls Carolina home. Matt has had the opportunity to serve across campus in organizations from Student Government, Delta Tau Delta, Residence Hall Association, freshman council and Pillars for Carolina. Currently, Matt serves on the Board of Publications in Garnet Media Group and is an incoming corporate intern at CVS Health.

Matt had the pleasure of serving as deputy chief of staff under Kate Lewis, former student body treasurer, and campaign manager for current student body treasurer Caden Askew. Matt is looking to bring his experience within Student Government and outside of it to the treasurer’s office. Matt is committed to increasing transparency, highlighting and addressing equity within the office and at Carolina, and increasing access to the treasurer’s office resources for student orgs and campus as a whole.

Whether the referendum is passed or not, he plans to ensure that the student voice is heard and that student funds are respected. He will do this by working with the Department of Student Life to complete an audit of student funds. This investigation will likely lead to finding inefficiencies and inequities in student funding, with the goal of advocating for a more equal allocation of funds for students. Should the referendum pass, he will ensure that the office of the president includes this initiative in future years.

He plans to work with the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs to advocate for underrepresented voices on campus. One of the first staffing requirements that he will implement is a mandate for anyone in the office to participate in Safe Zone training, so every student feels comfortable and confident in the treasurer’s office.

Jack Lind, third-year finance and risk management and insurance

My name is Jack Lind and I am running to be your next student body treasurer. Throughout my time at Carolina, I have been involved in the university in a multitude of leadership roles. I am a brother of FIJI, social fraternity, and Alpha Kappa Psi, professional business fraternity. 

My time in Student Government as the delegation chair of Darla Moore within our student senate and the secretary of Greek affairs on our president’s cabinet showed me the importance of servant leadership. Being a member of FIJI’s judicial board, as well, has taught me to be accountable and have integrity, two qualities that are integral to succeeding in the student body treasurer role. 

Finally, my role as the director of finance for USC Dance Marathon has taught me direct financial management. During my tenure, I was responsible for overseeing the $1 million that USCDM raises for Prisma Health. 

As an involved junior, I believe every Gamecock has the potential to leave their mark, and that is where my platform is centered. By continuing to educate our students on the importance of financial literacy with student-led workshops and adapting our student organization funding training to a COVID-19 friendly environment, we provide students with the tools to thrive.

Also, I hope to bolster student innovation by continuing the SGxYOU program piloted through Student Government this year and inviting business professionals to provide feedback to all applicants. Lastly, if the treasurer’s role is ending, I want to ensure the transition is not only smooth but secures future innovation and involvement from our student body.

This wide array of leadership experience coupled with my degree in finance and risk management and insurance leads me to believe that I would be fully equipped to accept the honor of being the next student body treasurer.

Kate Turner, second-year international business and marketing student

My name is Kate Turner, and I am so honored to be running to be your next student body treasurer. I am a second-year student in the South Carolina Honors College, originally from Leesburg, Virginia. I am studying international business and marketing in the Darla Moore School of Business with a minor in Spanish and a concentration in data analytics.

Currently, I serve in Student Government as a member of the staff of the speaker of the student senate. I am a member of the Greek and Panhellenic communities as a sister of Alpha Delta Pi, where I serve as a standard rules and bylaws committee member. Additionally, I have enjoyed working this spring as an investment intern at the state Retirement System Investment Commission, as a member of the Honors College’s South Carolina semester program.

My goals as student body treasurer include working to streamline the student activity fund allocation process and increasing outreach by educating student organizations as to their ability to take advantage of the many resources USC offers. Furthermore, I want to ensure that student organizations have the opportunity to improve and strengthen their organizations through the resources provided by the treasurer’s office and Student Government as a whole.

Alongside my running mate, Alex Harrell, I believe that together, we can create a brighter future for all of us here at Carolina. I am proud to be running on a platform that is both achievable and impactful. You can find more information about our campaign and platform on our Instagram, @harrell.turner.21. I am so excited to finish this campaign strong, and I hope you will consider me as your next student body treasurer when you vote next week! 

Forever to thee, 

Kate Turner

Editor's note:  Matt Durant is a member of the Board of Publications, which selects executive leaders in student media.  


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