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Review: Cocky TV+ is superb streaming service

Since the introduction of Cocky TV+ at the beginning of the spring semester, University of South Carolina students have been able to enjoy a streaming service and free movies by simply utilizing the school’s Wi-Fi connection. With a great selection of films and its accessibility to students, Cocky TV+ proves to be a better fit for movie-lovers when compared to other streaming services. 

Within the last decade, many streaming services have gained familiarity and become extremely profitable and popular among people ranging in different age groups. However, most of these outlets charge monthly or yearly subscriptions. For example, Netflix's standard plan now costs a dollar more than its 2020 price.

In comparison, Cocky TV+ is free for students, faculty and staff. It's accessible through the school's eduroam Wi-Fi network. This comes in handy for students throughout campus who would prefer not to pay expensive subscriptions and fees for different streaming services that essentially offer the same titles.

Another area in which Cocky TV+ does well is its quality and selection. While services such as Netflix feature more titles and television series, Cocky TV+ offers just enough for any college student to feel entertained and caught up with pop culture.

Oscar- and Academy Award-winning films can found on the site, including "Moonlight," "Green Book," "1917," "Knives Out," "Parasite," "La La Land" and "Interstellar."

Cocky TV+ not only possesses great titles, but presents something for everyone to enjoy.

Want to watch a movie marathon? You can view all eight "Harry Potter" films and the "Fantastic Beasts" series. Want a girls' night in? Check out "Little Women," "Mean Girls" or any of the "Fifty Shades" movies. In the mood for a complete classic? You can easily see Eddie Murphy’s "Coming to America," "The Pursuit of Happyness" or "Mamma Mia!" Need a good scare? You can watch "Friday the 13th," "Get Out" or "Scream."

As for presentation, there are options for subtitles in several different languages, a smaller or full screen setting and keyboard shortcuts. The title, rating, year of release, timing, film summary, actors and director names are included. No advertisements run through the playing of the films, unlike with Hulu's free streaming service, and the visual and sound qualities are excellent.

The website itself could use improvement in terms of organization and the flow of movie genres. Instead of having everything on the single page, it would be easier to have different pages for each section. Other features that would greatly improve the site would be to expand access to students who live off campus and to allow students to directly stream from televisions rather than just computers.

Overall, Cocky TV+ is a well thought-out, easily available and convenient streaming service that offers over 200 titles free of charge.

To access the site, go to using the school’s eduroam Wi-Fi network. Upon clicking the link, students might receive a privacy error message. To continue, click “Advanced,” and then “Proceed.”


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