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Guide to tailgating games this South Carolina football season

Tailgating games are an essential part of a Saturday in South Carolina, so The Daily Gamecock ran polls on social media to find out which one is the most popular. The polls received 524 total votes through Instagram and Twitter. Here's how each of them did and how to play them.


Cornhole, an American classic, received the most votes with 38%.


Cornhole is a four player game played with eight corn-filled bean bags and two wooden cornhole boards. Sets can be found at any local sporting goods store. The boards are to be set 27 feet away from each other. 


Players divide into two teams and play one versus another while standing behind the board. Teammates play across from each other and against their opponent beside them. The objective is to make the bean bag into the hole in the center of the board, counting for points.


When a bag is tossed in the hole it counts for 3 points. When a bag is tossed onto the board it counts as 1 point. Scoring is taken against the opponent per round.

For example, if the garnet team puts one on the board and one in the hole and the black team puts one on the board, the garnet team would have 3 points.

The game is played to 21 points or 11 points and oftentimes with a drink in hand.

Beer pong

Beer pong came in close at second, receiving 36% of the vote.


Beer pong is played with four players on a standard folding table with 12 or 20 solo cups and two ping pong balls.

The solo cups are to be divided in two, filled with water or beer, and put on either side of the table. They typically are arranged in a pyramid formation.

Rules and scoring

Teammates stand on the same side of the table and throw together.

Each player throws the ball at the cups. If both players make it in the cup they each receive another throw. Makes are worth 1 point and a sip of your drink of choice. If a shot bounces in it is worth 2 points, but the opposing team can block the bounce shot.

Beer die

Beer die came in the last place, receiving 26% of the vote. 


Beer die is played with four players with cups, two dice and a very large table. The four players are divided into two teams of two and pick sides. After sides have been picked, the cups are set onto the corners of the table and filled with beer.

Rules and scoring

The two teams each roll a die and the team with the highest roll goes first. 

Once that has been decided, it is time to “die up,” meaning it is time to throw the dice toward the other team. When throwing the die, the player wants to throw it higher than eye level of the opponents, and the die needs to land on the table and into the opponent's half of the table.

While one team is throwing the die, the other team has a responsibility to catch the die if it hits the table. The die needs to be caught with one hand, and if it is caught with two, then a point is awarded to the throwing team.

If a player throws the die and it does not bounce off the surface of the table, then it is called a social point. A social point is where everyone takes a sip and no points are awarded.

Each point represents a sip of your drink. If the opponent scores then the team must take as many drinks as points scored between the two throws.

When a toss hits the table and bounces off (that is not caught by an opponent), it counts as 1 point.

If a toss hits the table and the opponent's cup and bounces off the table, that is not caught by an opponent, it counts as 2 points.

When a toss is sunk into their opponent's cup, it is worth 3 points, and the opponent must finish the contents of that drink in an extremely timely manner with the die still in the cup. Once the liquid is gone, the player who just chugged flips the cup over onto the table and blindly rolls the dice, while the player who threw the die guesses a number. If the player who threw the die guesses correctly, they must then chug.

The first team to 11 wins.


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