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How-to: Create fun, inexpensive game day shirts, jewelry

With Williams-Brice Stadium at full capacity, students have had the opportunity to return to the stands and show their Gamecock pride. Unlike last year, where students were only allowed one game in the student section, they can attend all home games this year, meaning there are more outfits that need to be planned.

Here are three easy game day attire options, all for under $20, that you can make in your dorm. All the supplies can be found at Walmart.

Beaded earrings

Making personalized earrings is a great way to add a bit of your own specific style into any game day outfit. 

The possibilities of design are seemingly endless and the supplies are cheaper than average university-colored earrings. Jewelry making is also a great bonding activity you can do with your roommates or friends to get ready for Williams-Brice together.


Wire: $3

Wire cutter: $5

Beads: $8

Earring hooks: $2

Total cost: approximately $18


1.  Measure and cut the wire to your desired length. For hoop earrings, you can cut 4 to 6 inches depending on how large you want the hoops to be.

2.  Bend the wire to the shape you want.

3.  Slide beads onto the wire in whatever pattern you like. A few options are alternating garnet and black or half garnet and half black.

4.  Attach the earring hook to the top through the provided loop and tighten the loop so it stays in place.

T-shirt stitching

Stitching and patchwork is a popular style of clothing, but don't let the intimidation of sewing scare you away from stitching your own design onto a T-shirt.

YouTube tutorials can help you learn the ropes of sewing, and doing this at home will ultimately save you a lot of money on a stitched T-shirt. This is another great activity to do with roommates or friends and an easy way to make any idea you have for a shirt come to life.


White, garnet or black T-shirt with a front pocket: $15

Thread: $1

Needle: $2

Total cost: approximately: $18


1.  Find or buy a T-shirt with a front pocket. This can be an older shirt you want to upgrade or one you found at Walmart.

2.  Thread the needle with the color thread you want to start with.

3.  Start stitching your design by starting in the back, tying a small knot in the thread on the inside of the shirt. If this is your first time sewing, look up a sewing guide.

4.  A few possible design options are “USC” or “Forever to Thee” on the pocket. If you want to design something sticking out of the pocket, you could stitch Cocky or small hands swinging rally towels.

T-shirt tie-dying

This is the perfect way to give your old white t-shirts an upgrade for game day. 

You could also bleach tie-dye a darker colored shirt to give it a more rustic look. Tie-dying is a simple and fun process that anyone can pick up without having to spend a lot of money.


White South Carolina T-shirt

Red or black dye: $5 each

Rubber bands: $6

Gloves: $6

Total cost: approximately $17


1.  Lay the T-shirt you want to tie-dye flat on a surface. There are many different tie-dye patterns you can try

2.  Once you have folded your shirt for your desired pattern, tie rubber bands around the shirt to keep it in place.

3.  Follow the directions on the dye bottle and pour the dye where you want it on the shirt.

4.  When you’re done, place the shirt in a plastic bag to dry and leave it for 12 to 24 hours.

5.  Once it’s dry, wash any excess dye out in the sink, then wash it alone in the washing machine on cold. 

For other fun game day outfit inspiration, check out Kennedy Bright's Pinterest page.