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Student body president candidates will compete in runoff election next week

<p>Vice President-elect Maia Porzio celebrates her victory on Feb. 23, 2022 on Greene Street. The Speaker of the Senate-Elect is Noah Glasgow.&nbsp;</p>
Vice President-elect Maia Porzio celebrates her victory on Feb. 23, 2022 on Greene Street. The Speaker of the Senate-Elect is Noah Glasgow. 

The races for student body vice president and speaker of the student senate ended Wednesday night, with Maia Porzio elected as vice president and Noah Glasgow elected as speaker of the student senate. 

Gurujjal Roopra and Reedy Newton will compete for the student body president position in a runoff election next week. 

"It was a crazy journey and I definitely couldn't have done it alone," Porzio said. "I just want to say thank you to everyone who supported me."

Porzio, a third-year political science student, ran on the same ticket as Newton under the “The Future Is…” campaign. 

"I'm incredibly excited for my running mate," Newton, a third-year marketing student, said. "I just couldn't be more excited."

Porzio said one of her main goals is to advocate for more funding and space for mental health services on campus. A part of this same effort, she said she wants to work towards reinstating mental health days similar to the ones provided in 2021 that replaced the semester's canceled spring break.

Porzio said the first thing she will do in office is work with Emily Dengler, the current vice president, to learn the ropes of the position.

Glasgow, who ran unopposed, said he wants to improve accessibility in Student Government and hold the university accountable.

"I'm very honored to be in this role," Glasgow, a second-year international relations student, said. "Wild to see how much can change in a year because I did not expect myself to do any of this stuff when I first came to USC."

To improve accessibility he said he wants to have an ASL signer at all student senate sessions and reorganize the student senate chambers to accommodate scooters and wheelchairs.

Newton said she is excited to continue to share her vision of a brighter future for USC and honored to reach the runoff.

Roopra, a third-year public health student, said she could not have reached the runoff without her running mate, Faith Gravley, and she is going to win for Gravley. 

"We're gonna come out strong and we're gonna finish this," Roopra said.

Roopra said she plans to tap into the underrepresented communities of voters to win the runoff next week.

"There's a lot of communities that are asked to come in and speak on this election and they're the ones that are the majority, and so, we're gonna make them feel represented," Roopra said. "Greek life is only 25% of the vote."