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Column: 6 songs from underrated artists to check out

Although the year isn't over, 2022 has been a big year in music. With album releases from The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce, it can be refreshing to discover a lesser-known artist you end up enjoying. These six songs are guaranteed to help you do just that. 

"CHXSE" by Chase Atlantic 

Hailing from Australia, brothers Mitchel and Clinton Cave along with their friend Christian Anthony formed Chase Atlantic, a band whose greatest asset is their blending of psychedelic rap, R&B, rock and pop. This merging of genres creates a unique sound. The song "CHXSE" showcases the group's rapping ability at their most braggadocious and hedonistic.

In this song, the trio describes the lifestyle their wealth and fame have afforded them. "I live for the chase / I live for the drugs, I live for the money, I live for the fame" raps Mitchel over booming 808s. The self-indulgent lyrics over an energetic instrumental make it the perfect song for driving to a party or getting dressed for one.

"HOT!" by Token

Perhaps the best rapper in the history of Massachusetts, Token also boasts a high aptitude for lyrical ability, with his ability to switch flows seamlessly making for patterns that often transition smoothly into more advanced ones. 

"I got a bro who was bangin' and throwin' them signs in front of your crib / Just like it's a property sold" he raps, using the visual of a real estate agent putting up a sold sign in front of a house as an allegory referencing the gang violence many of his friends participated in. His weaving of witty wordplay while still discussing complex subjects makes his music worth a listen.

"Twitch" by Nova Twins

Amy Love and Georgia South together form the British rock duo Nova Twins. Their charismatic vocal delivery and hyperactive instrumental performances complement their typically confident lyrics perfectly. This makes for a polished and unapologetic unit that proves to be more sonically exciting than most. 

The song "Twitch" displays the band's aesthetic perfectly. The baseline is simple but spirited and provides Love with the perfect template in which to place her vibrant vocal riffs. The lyrics are reminiscent of a lot of older rock as they are fairly vague and sound like someone describing peculiar hallucinations, while the instrumental performance is more remnant of modern pop-rock, thus giving listeners a fun and novel experience.

"BROKEN" by Kezura ft. 757SHAI & SCOTTAY

Kezura's (AKA Dedboii Kez) greatest strength as an artist is his versatility. After proving his ability to rap, sing and even replicate screamo with success. The song "BROKEN" follows this trend as he begins his venture into the realm of hyper pop, a more energetic take on pop music. 

A simple guitar pattern accompanies passionate vocals as a heartbroken Kezura tells a story of losing his relationship with the woman who had helped him heal from the trauma of a past relationship. "Broken, falling through sky / My hope has left me hopeless and you saved my life" he sings. Although the subject matter is generic, the relatable lyrics and fervent vocal performance make it a great song for getting through a breakup. 

"SHINY LIFESTYLE!" by Pe$o Pete 

Broward rapper Pe$o Pete sports a duality of melody and aggression that gives his music a contrast that makes it stick out. Switching in from an almost screamo form of rap to a more melodic one. The blending of this duality creates a style that is both combative and catchy.

"SHINY LIFESTYLE!" sees Pete display his melodic talent while lyrically maintaining the high energy he's most known for. The hook is fun to sing along to and the verses flow from and into it. The song is easy to remember and flows quite well together making it a great introduction to Pe$o's discography.

"Rude" by VI Seconds

Brooklyn rapper VI Seconds prides himself on his lyrical ability, and rightfully so. His wordplay and manipulation of syllables to form innovative patterns and phrasings are rivaled by very few, however "Rude" displays this technical ability in a way that is still palatable to the mainstream. 

Over bouncing bass, Seconds showcases his lyrical ability with witty punchlines and references. "I kill everything, ironic, 'cause none of my lines flat" he raps. This is a clever double entendre as the line refers to a patient flatlining while also saying that because of Seconds' lyrical ability no line he raps is ever lacking in impact. This makes his music really fun to listen to for those who enjoy analyzing lyrics and finding hidden meanings. 

While the music industry focuses on the biggest acts in the world, take the time for yourself to appreciate some of these underrated songs and artists.