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Column: RushTok sensation creates positive impact on rush participants

USC Sororities gathered Sunday afternoon, Aug. 21, 2022 at the Colonial Life Arena in costumes and sorority shirts to celebrate Bid Day. New members ran out of the Colonial Life tunnels to join their sororities at the center of the arena.

RushTok, a TikTok trend focused on the rush experience for sororities, had a positive impact on rush this year. It allowed the biggest new member class to express themselves in new ways in person and online. 

The social media platform TikTok saw a new trend popup called "RushTok" during rush. This trend highlights sororities participating in Panhellenic recruitment, otherwise known as rush, through girls displaying their daily outfits, recreating dance trends and giving a behind-the-scenes look of the process.

With the rise of media presence, recruitment has been popularized and has encouraged girls to give it a shot, whereas they might have been on the fence. Having such a spotlight on the process provides potential new members a never before seen look into the sororities they are recruiting with.

“I would also say that Panhellenic sororities are becoming more than just a social activity,” Megan Cazeault, Head Pi Chi fourth-year exercise science student and Alpha Xi Delta member, said. 

RushTok has allowed chapters from across the United States to be connected by recreating the same dances. 

At USC, Alpha Xi Delta went viral and has amassed eight million views on TikTok for recreating the Mannequin Challenge during recruitment. 

Chapters are being showcased like never before. Active and new members alike are able to speak on the reasons they joined a sorority and the positive impact it has on their personal goals using this relatively new opportunity.

 "I would say that this year we saw RushTok from a couple different angles as opposed to 'OOTDs' which I was excited to see," said Cazeault. "I know Kylan we saw everyday talking about how it's about your academics and her philanthropic goals." 

This newly founded platform given to Greek life shines a positive light on the unique experience of joining a sorority. Girls market the different, positive, ways Greek Life has positively impacted their life and the goals it helped them achieve. 

While members have taken advantage to advocate their personal reasons for joining a sorority, they also have been voicing their fashion trends during recruitment. From the recruitment bags used to hairstyles, bright colors and prints, the potential new members have taken advantage of this trend in more ways than one.

"I saw a lot of slicked back buns, a lot of one-shoulder babydoll dresses, and I woud say that this is fashionable even outside of recruitment," Cazeault said. "I would say social media in general, but specifically 'Bama RushTok' influenced that."

Though finding an eye-catching outfit is fun, it is not the only thing potential new members should be focusing on. 

"Recruitment is about so much more than just the outfits," Grace Tippett, Vice President of Recruitment and fourth-year multimedia journalism, Gamma Phi Beta student, said. "We do participate in a values-based recruitment process, but it does help you make that awesome first impression." 

A values-based recruitment process is important in finding a potential new member's forever home by grouping the girls based on which values they hold closest to them. Finding girls of similar values in a chapter makes a girl feel more at home.

This influence from fashion trends exemplifies another positive contribution to Panhellenic recruitment this year as girls were able to pull inspiration from each other to better shape the statement they want to make.

Recruitment fashion trends are also seen as a form of self-expression. Bright colors, prints and patterns were trends witnessed this recruitment season. 

By taking advantage of these trends, girls were able to showcase a part of their personality outside of what is talked about during recruitment such as school achievements, volunteer work, interests and more.

Though social media can often be seen in a negative light, RushTok demonstrates a positive effect it can have on a large community. Giving the Panhellenic community an opportunity to showcase their passions and advocate for others to join has proven promising for the future of Greek life at USC.