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Chloe Kitts shows potential after forgoing senior year of high school to join Gamecock women's basketball

<p>FILE — Freshman forward Chloe Kitts enrolled early to kick start her collegiate career with the Gamecocks. Kitts has already appeared in seven games, scoring a total of 21 points this season.</p>
FILE — Freshman forward Chloe Kitts enrolled early to kick start her collegiate career with the Gamecocks. Kitts has already appeared in seven games, scoring a total of 21 points this season.

After forgoing her senior year and joining the USC Gamecocks in December 2022, Chloe Kitts has started to make a name for herself as a versatile player with the potential to play a key role for the Gamecocks in the future. 

During fall 2022, women's basketball freshman forward Chloe Kitts was a high school sensation at DME Sports Academy in Daytona Beach, Florida. In her junior year of high school, Kitts averaged 18.7 points, 8.2 rebounds and three turnovers per the 21 games she played at DME. 

The young sensation then transferred to Faith Christian Academy in Orlando, Florida for her senior year before deciding to enroll early at USC. ESPN ranked Kitts 17th in the nation in womens basketball for the class of 2023.

Kitt’s talent did not go unnoticed by fans, coaches and Division 1 programs across the nation. Along with South Carolina, Kitts also received offers from North Carolina State University, University of Arizona, University of Oklahoma, University of Louisville and Duke University. 

“We are just enjoying the process and building strong relationships with each school and want the best fit for her,” Kitt's dad Jason Kitts said to Scorebook Live during his daughter's recruitment process.

After touring South Carolina, however, Kitts decided to forgo the remainder of her senior year, graduate high school a semester early and enroll at USC in December 2022. 

"It wasn't really a hard choice," Kitts said to Scorebook live. "Probably the only pressure point I've had (this fall) was where to go to college. Other than that ... not playing high school basketball, I am fine with that. I'd rather be in college." 

The 6-foot-2 freshman made her first appearance in garnet and black on Dec. 18 against Charleston Southern University where she excelled on the court, scoring 10 points and seven rebounds in 23 minutes.

“I was scared to look around,” Kitts said to Gamecock Scoop. “I was nervous. We always have a good crowd. That was my first game and there were a lot of people. So definitely nervous, but I feel like I’m getting more confident. I’m just happy to be around this coaching staff and all the players.”

So far as a Gamecock, Kitts has played in seven games for 72 minutes and 21 points.

While Kitts is still adjusting to life at USC, she is focused on finding balance and adapting to the differences of college basketball despite her nerves.

“It’s extremely important for me to stay focused,” Kitts said in an On3 interview. “I know I can stay focused. I’m worrying about the court right now, and I know everything else will come. I just need to lock in. I want to keep the main thing, the main thing.”

Kitt's level of maturity and skills as a forward allow her to contribute to the Gamecocks already as a freshman Head Coach Dawn Staley said.  

“I think you have too, as a high school player, want to be in this situation,” Head Coach Dawn Staley said. “You have to have enough confidence to come here and want to play a role for our basketball team, and then for us, she provides something that has been inconsistent, and she can shoot the ball. She can shoot the mid-range, she can shoot the three and she’s a quick learner. She’s eager to play and to participate and we’re going to slowly try to bring her into what we’re trying to do.”


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