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Candidates for student body treasurer seek to revitalize the newly reinstated position

<p>Brandon Badinski (left) and Hannah Augsbach Lamma (right) are the candidates running to be the next student body treasurer. Students can vote for candidates from Feb. 21 at 9 a.m. to Feb. 22 at 5 p.m.&nbsp;</p>
Brandon Badinski (left) and Hannah Augsbach Lamma (right) are the candidates running to be the next student body treasurer. Students can vote for candidates from Feb. 21 at 9 a.m. to Feb. 22 at 5 p.m. 

Hannah Augsbach Lamma and Brandon Badinski are the two candidates running for student body treasurer. Both saw a need to improve the process for requesting funding from student government, with Augsbach Lamma focused on improving communication with student organizations and Badinski dedicated to making sure all of the student activity budget gets used.

The candidate elected will be the first to fill the newly reinstated position of treasurer, which was brought back by the referendum passed Jan. 18.

Hannah Augsbach Lamma, second-year accounting student

Augsbach Lamma was the student senate member who wrote the referendum to bring back the treasurer, and she believes her experience has shown her what’s needed to improve the job. 

During her student senate term, Augsbach Lamma served as the Chair of the Finance Committee and saw that not having a treasurer acting as an intermediary made it harder for student organizations to request funding. 

“I’m really just running for this position because I saw how necessary (the role) was. I saw that we needed better communication with student organizations,” Augsbach Lamma said.

As two of her main platform points, Augsbach Lamma wants to keep an open line of communication with student organizations, as well as to streamline the funding request process to make sure every student organization has an equal opportunity to receive funding.

Augsbach Lamma plans to make the link to request funding more publicly available and wants to offer more treasurer workshops, so student organizations can more readily learn what the requirements are for reimbursement from Student Government. 

“The process is pretty straightforward now, but no one knows about it,” Augsbach Lamma said. "So if we communicate it to more organizations, it will be easier and more understandable."

Augsbach Lamma said her involvement as the treasurer of Gamecock Consulting has also helped her to see both sides of the funding request process.

“I know what it's like trying to submit a request, trying to submit for reimbursement, and it can be really confusing if you're not communicated with and told up-front what needs to happen,” Augsbach Lamma said. 

Augsbach Lamma said she has listened to students' complaints and understands why they get frustrated when it comes to requesting funding.

“Students don't have the time to be walking through like a bazillion different hoops to get funding. They want it to be easy. They want to know how to do it. And it should be that way,” Augsbach Lamma said. 

Brandon Badinski, third-year sport and entertainment management student

Badinski’s platform has three main objectives: to educate, advise and be transparent. 

Badinski plans to educate students more through outreach with his fellow members of the Palmetto Party, a group of candidates for student senate running on the same ticket, who come from an array of colleges and clubs. Badinski said he wants to reach out to student organizations who haven't requested funding before and show them that they also have access to these funds.

“We want to be able to hold that dialogue and we want to be there for anyone that has any questions,” Badinski said. 

Badinski said that unused funds are a persistent problem that he plans to address by creating a website where students can see how much of the student activity budget has actually been used. Badinski wants to use "every cent of those funds" for student organizations. 

“It’s a really staggering thing to look at. We have this absolutely unparalleled opportunity to spend money that we pay, we deserve to spend and we don’t get to do it,” Badinski said. 

Badinski also wants to make changes to the student request form by adding a place in the form for students to request reimbursement for mileage costs and permitting funding for international trips. Badinski plans to address any issues with the student request form by working with members of the finance committee.

“Throughout the process, I would love to be able to talk to fellow delegates and be able to communicate with them what I feel shortcomings in the current books are, and also hear their input and words and find solutions,” Badinski said. 

Badinski wants to set the tone for the reinstated position of treasurer and change the student perspective of what a treasurer does. 

“I just want to be able to show (students) that isn’t this evil person that just denies every request. If I had my way, we would be approving every request within reason,” Badinski said. 

Ultimately, Badinski said that he’s dedicated to helping students. 

“I think students should vote for me because I will unequivocally represent them. I’m gonna fight tooth and nail for the average student,” Badinski said. 


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