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Playlist: An introduction to Britpop glory

The emergence of Britpop, a style which combines rock and pop music, in the 1990s brought a new sound to the British rock scene.

With notable influence from earlier bands — such as The Beatles, The Smiths, and Joy Division — the lighter transition in guitar from the '90s grunge birthed the empire of the core four bands of Britpop — Oasis, Blur, Suede, and Pulp. 

The albums born during this era and the big artists of this time redefined Britain as one of the epicenters for new-rock sound.

The sensational energy coupled with the guitar riffs, simplistic lyricism and parka jackets makes for an exciting trip back to Britain in the '90s. These anthems defined an era of music, and their impact on music and culture will last for generations. 

"Live Forever" — Oasis

"Country House" — Blur

"Bitter Sweet Symphony - Remastered 2016" — The Verve

"Common People" — Pulp

"There She Goes" — The La’s

"Girls & Boys" — Blur

"Don’t Look Back In Anger" — Oasis

"Trash" — Suede

"She’s Electric" — Oasis

"Lucky Man" — The Verve

"Babies" — Pulp

"Wonderwall" — Oasis

"Fools Gold - Remastered" — The Stone Roses

"Europe Is Our Playground" — Suede

"Mile End - From 'Trainspotting' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" — Pulp

"The Universal" — Blur 

"Supersonic" — Oasis

"Tender" — Blur

"Charmless Man" — Blur

"I Am the Resurrection - Remastered" — The Stone Roses

"Champagne Supernova" — Oasis

"Cigarettes & Alcohol" — Oasis

"Roll With It" — Oasis

"Acquiesce - Remastered" — Oasis

"Beetlebum - 2012 Remaster" — Blur

"St. Charles Square" — Blur

"Talk Tonight - Remastered" — Oasis


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