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Spooky style: Easy, last-minute Halloween costumes for every haunt

Hurry, it’s getting closer! It's right around the corner! It’s… it’s… Halloween! 

With Halloween just a few weeks away, now is the time to start planning your perfect costume, a deceivingly complex task. Finding a costume that strikes the perfect balance between clever, unique, recognizable and easy to put together is no easy feat. If you’re in search of a costume that fits this criteria, whether it's for your friend group or just for yourself, these options are sure to satisfy, no matter what your Halloween plans are. 

Group Costumes

"Peanuts" Characters

Await the Great Pumpkin’s arrival in style by dressing up as members of the iconic "Peanuts" gang. Go as Snoopy and Woodstock for a duo costume. For a bigger group, incorporate more characters like Charlie Brown, Sally, Linus and Lucy. These costumes can be made using pieces you probably already have in your closet, such as a blue dress for Lucy or a yellow t-shirt for Charlie Brown.

The Barden Bellas from "Pitch Perfect"

Searching for an easy but creative group costume that hits all the right notes? Look no further than the Barden Bellas from the "Pitch Perfect" movies. All you need is a navy skirt, a jacket, a white top and the Bellas’ trademark yellow bandanas, and you’ll be ready to take the stage. For an aca-awesome party trick, watch the movies and study up on some of the Bellas’ performances to truly wow your friends. 

The Secret Service

Your mission this Halloween is simple: protect and serve. Grab your friends and throw on some dark sunglasses and black blazers to go as secret service agents. Get into character by designating one person to act as the president. Make sure to follow them around all night, or use imaginary earpieces and whispered codes to communicate with each other.

Individual Costumes

Olivia Rodrigo 

Vampires are a Halloween staple, but with her new album "GUTS," Olivia Rodrigo has given the classic cryptid a whole new meaning. Replicate her look in the “vampire” music video by wearing a white strapless dress and some fake blood, or pull inspiration from the cover of her 2021 album "SOUR" by picking up a pack of stickers from your local craft store and sticking them on your face. 

Jake from State Farm 

For an easy, last-minute costume, look no further than arguably the most famous fictional insurance agent in the world: Jake from State Farm. With a red polo shirt, a pair of those signature khakis and a name tag christening you “Jake” for the night, you’ll be ready to sell insurance and celebrate Halloween. Like a good neighbor, this costume is there.

Girl Scout

No tricks, just treats — specifically Thin Mints. Pull your old sash and vest out of hiding and pair them with khaki bottoms and a white top to transform yourself into a Girl Scout. To complete the look, carry around a box of cookies and offer them to whoever you run into that night. Not only will they get to enjoy your snacks, but they’ll be supporting your troop too. 

Harry Styles

Stop by "Harry’s House" during your Halloween adventures and channel the British pop star for your costume this year. Steal his outfit from the "Fine Line" album cover by wearing a pair of white pants and a hot pink top. Or try out his all-leather red carpet look from the 2021 Grammy Awards and complete with a green feather boa. 

Regardless of who you choose to dress up as this Halloween, the most important part of any costume is that you have fun and celebrate Halloween responsibly. By ensuring that everyone in your group is not only enjoying themselves but also staying safe, you can scare up some truly good times and make some spooky and spectacular memories. Whoever you choose to embody this year or however you choose to celebrate, have a happy and safe Halloween!


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