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Column: 4 places in Columbia to get your bagel fix

With so many people coming to USC from up north — where bagels are a sacred creation — it’s important to find a place to bring these students a piece of home. Here are four places to consider the next time you need to satisfy the craving for a good bagel.

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1. The Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli

Located on Devine Street, The Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli should be at the top of an ideal to-do list on a lazy Saturday morning. The restaurant, which is just minutes from campus, is a great place to hang out with friends to have breakfast or lunch.

It's menu features a large array of sandwiches, so there are lots of options to create the perfect meal. Every meal comes with a mini cinnamon roll as well, combining both sweet and savory to the meal. The deli also offers lunch foods, including hot dogs, paninis and more.

One option is the create your own breakfast sandwich on a bagel with the choice of different meats, cheeses and the deli's roasted garlic spread is a great addition. Don’t forget to get the specialty chips on the side that are tossed with parmesan and romano cheeses. 

2. Q’s Corner Cafe

Q's Corner Cafe is a bagel spot on Rosewood Drive. The cafe takes inspiration from Puerto Rico through its menu items ranging all over the board.

It offers other items besides bagels, including philly cheesesteaks, a buffalo chicken sandwich, empanadas and the list goes on. Make sure to check out some of the cafe's unique cream cheeses — such as cinnamon toast crunch, bacon, scallion and cheddar cheese cream cheese and jalapeno, onion and bacon, in addition to a bagel.

This spot is definitely a go-to when looking for a bagel with a little twist. 

3. Sully’s Steamers

Also located on Devine Street is one of the newest bagel shops in Columbia.

Sully's Steamers steams its bagels, making them a soft, warm delicacy. There are many different variations of lunch and breakfast sandwiches, so anyone can try something new upon every visit. These sandwiches are loaded with unique toppings, and customers have the option to build them however they please.

Some of the bagel shop's most interesting sandwich combos are the Nacho Maximus and the B-Rad’s Best. The Nacho Maximus sandwhich incorporates turkey, cheddar, lettuce, honey mustard, parm-peppercorn and doritos. B-Rad’s Best includes meatballs, pepperoni, salami, provolone, pizza sauce, banana peppers and onions, making it almost like a loaded pizza but on a bagel.

4. Einstein Bros. Bagels

When looking for an on-campus bagel as a mid-day pick-me-up, Einstein Bros. Bagels is the best place to go.

In the heart of campus inside of Russell House, the popular chain is open every day. For students on the USC meal plan, they can use meal swipes or meal plan dollars, which is a perk. It boasts more cream cheese options than any other spot on this list, including jalapeno salsa, honey almond and strawberry.

There are many different lunch and breakfast bagel sandwiches, the best of them being the bacon and avocado sandwich on an asiago bagel. Need something to wash down the bagel with? Grab one of its various cold brews or lattes. Its convenience and options makes Einstein Bros. Bagels the perfect stop before class on a slow morning. 


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