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Playlist: Grunge, rock songs that make you feel like a crime-fighting vigilante

A vigilante takes matters into their own hands and uses a unique form of justice to stop crime. They live a life filled with action and adventure, looking super cool while doing it. Sometimes, life and schoolwork may get the upper hand on you, making you wish you could live a life of vigilantism.

While walking to class, these grunge and rock tunes will pump you up and make you feel like your favorite childhood vigilante. Rock out to these songs from Nirvana, Limp Bizkit and other energetic bands. 

"I'm Not a Hero" — Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard

"Something In The Way" — Nirvana

"Institutionalized" — Suicidal Tendencies

"Wake Up" — Rage Against The Machine

"Undone - The Sweater Song" — Weezer

"Man in the Box" — Alice In Chains

"Lounge Act" — Nirvana

"Disorder - 2007 Remaster" — Joy Division

"Where Is My Mind?" — Pixies

"Everlong" — Foo Fighters

"Mascara" — Deftones

"Flying Whales" — Gojira

"Lonely Day" — System Of A Down

"I Saw Your Mommy..." — Suicidal Tendencies

"The Light Behind Your Eyes" — My Chemical Romance

"Take Back" — Green Day

"Chic 'N' Stu" — System Of A Down

"Cochise" — Audioslave

"So What'Cha Want" — Beastie Boys

"Behind Blue Eyes" — Limp Bizkit

"Black Hole Sun" — Soundgarden

"Break Stuff" — Limp Bizkit

"Blind" — Korn

"You Wanna Die" — Hank Wood and the Hammerheads