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Column: 5 ice creams shops in Columbia that will satisfy your sweet tooth

Ice cream is the perfect snack for any part of the day. Sometimes college students need a break from studying and a sweet treat can brighten up their day. Here are some ice cream shops in Columbia that students must try. 

LICK Ice Cream 

This shop offers unique milkshakes, elaborately decorated with toppings overflowing from their mason jars. One of their especially notable milkshakes is the Birthday Surprise that is topped with a cupcake, a lollipop and cotton candy. The creamery's signature milkshakes are perfect to satisfy anybody's sweet tooth. 

There are a variety of ways in which the shop's ice cream is served. There are cups, cones, sundaes, taco waffles, chocolate coated cones, waffle bowls and ice cream cookie sandwiches. This ice cream shop makes eating ice cream so much more fun, on top of its already tasty flavors. LICK Ice Cream has two shop locations, one on Clemson Road in Columbia and the other in Lexington. 

Rolled Ice Cream 

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Here, the ice cream is spread on a cold, refrigerated metal top and flattened into a sheet of ice cream before being made into a rolled shape with a spatula. Not only do customers get to choose from delicious flavors of ice cream, such as raspberry vanilla and pumpkin pie, but they get the satisfying experience of watching the ice cream be made. With everything made fresh, the ice cream is served jam-packed with flavor and sweetness. 

The ice cream feels light and airy while maintaining its compact rolled shape. Up to three toppings can be mixed with the ice cream before being rolled together. Banana pudding is probably the best ice cream flavor on the menu, with its sweet banana pudding flavoring with fresh banana and vanilla wafers topped on. 

The Baked Bear

The Baked Bear has ice cream sandwiches with different sandwich options, such as cookies, brownies and donuts. Visitors can also have the cookies hot pressed upon request to make the sandwich softer so it melts in the mouth. The ice cream shop's iconic Bear Batter ice cream is a must try, consisting of blue cake batter with brownies and sprinkles. 

The ice cream shop also has gluten free and vegan cookie, ice cream and brownie options, so everybody can enjoy the flavors that The Baked Bear has to offer. The shop is located on Harden Street in Five Points. 

Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies, which is known for its famous seasonal and signature cookies, also offers tasty ice cream flavors. The cookies and ice cream have a wonderful blend of sweetness, which allows both of the flavors to melt in one's mouth simultaneously. Its best ice cream option is the Caramellionare, which has a sweet and salty taste to satisfy any late night craving.

The shop also has cookie sandwiches, called "'wiches," that have two scoops of ice cream sandwiched between two cookies of one's choosing. There are unique flavors, such as the spicy hot chocolate ice cream and the Dreamweaver, a s'mores flavored ice cream. The store is located on Devine Street in Five Points and is open until 3 a.m. to satisfy any late night cravings. 


Kaminsky‚Äôs is a dessert shop in the Vista, and serves a lot of its warm and delicious desserts with ice cream on top. The peach cobbler is served with ice cream on top for a mouth watering sensation. There is an amazing selection of ice cream products, from milkshakes to sundaes. 

The most notable ice cream menu option is the brownie sundae. The sundae consist of vanilla ice cream with a Dutch cocoa brownie, along with caramel, pecans and chocolate sauce. 

These are great ice cream places that USC students must stop by. More than just the unique flavors, the shops each have something that makes them novel, such as rolled ice cream, ice cream sandwiches and milkshakes.


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