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USC alumnus' band The Magnadoors releases debut album, prepares for album release concert

<p>Album artwork for The Magnadoors’ debut album titled “Underground Heroes.” The South Carolina-based rock and roll band will hold a release party for the album on April 19, 2024 at the Grand Old Post Office in Darlington, SC.</p>
Album artwork for The Magnadoors’ debut album titled “Underground Heroes.” The South Carolina-based rock and roll band will hold a release party for the album on April 19, 2024 at the Grand Old Post Office in Darlington, SC.

USC alum Barnett Greenberg took creative inspiration from some of "the greats" to produce his band The Magnadoors' debut album, "Underground Heroes," which will be celebrated at an album release party on April 19.

The band's first project is an original rock album which expresses the personal yet relatable experiences of everyday heroes.

Greenberg founded his band The Magnadoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Greenberg is the main vocalist and plays with percussionist Paul Shumaker, lead guitarist Allen Johnson and rhythm guitarist Adam Evams.

Each member comes from an extensive music background. They became involved with the art at a young age, playing in different bands during their adolescent years until being brought together by Greenberg. 

“Underground Heroes” is composed of 13 original songs that Greenberg had been writing for years. He said the theme throughout the album refers to everyday people, such as paramedic and teachers who are "underground heroes" and do their jobs without getting recognition or accolades. 

The album also works to appeal specifically to musicians who never achieved mainstream success, yet still made a big impact.

“The whole concept of the album, "Underground Heroes," is kind of like, there's so many musicians out there who never could make it, who were really good," Greenberg said.

Much of the songs' material is from his own day-to-day experiences from young adulthood to his current life, but he said anyone can relate.

Greenberg said the album cover for “Underground Heroes'' ties into this theme. As seen on the cover, there are children jumping on a trampoline, which Greenberg said is a glimpse of where The Magnadoors all started —  his childhood. 

“This is in the backyard of the drummer's house with his trampoline with our kids and his kids like jumping around,” Greenberg said.

Greenberg said one of his aspirations as a kid was to be in a band.

“It's a reference to the little Magnadoors ... We were kids and we had these dreams." Greenberg said.

Throughout the album, there are apparent and purposeful changes in the style of music from song to song where it goes from distorted guitar riffs to funk, Shumaker said.

“Its somewhat unique," Shumaker said, "(It) meanders through different styles of music, so its not really just one specific style.”

Although classified as a rock group, Greenberg said The Magnadoors exists outside of recent rock trends, combining different inspirations from over the years to create its unique style of music.

“I'm influenced by pretty much everything I’ve heard and books I've read … the lyrics of Bob Dylan, the music of The Beatles, The Doors, and Led Zeppelin, certain aspects of every band,” Greenberg said. “So I try and make something different with everything I’ve listened to.”


The members of The Magnadoors have separate careers outside of playing in the band. Each coming from backgrounds in music, the members all said playing is used as their creative outlet to this day. 

“It's a labor of love ... It's a therapeutic thing," Greenberg said, "I work in the real estate business to pay my bills and everything, but I really love music, so I do both.”

Following the release of the first album, The Magnadoors looks to its next steps as a band. Johnson said there is a good chance The Magnadoors will come together again to continue producing music in the future.

“It’s very possible. We work well together, and we like each other. And Barnett's got a chest full of songs that he's written over the years,” Johnson said.

The Magnadoors are holding a concert and album release party at the Grand Old Post Office in Darlington, SC on April 19.Tickets are $35, which give attendees access to the concert, a burger bar and an autographed CD of the Underground Heroes album.


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