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Letters to the Editor and Guest Columns


We accept letters to the editors and guest columns.

Letters to the editors should respond to content published by The Daily Gamecock within the last seven days, and it will be published within one week.

Guest columns can be about anything and be submitted at any time. Publication is at the discretion of the opinion editor.

In your email, you must include your name, year and major (if applicable), title, pronouns and contact information for the opinion editor’s reference.

We reserve the right to edit for clarity, style and grammar. If your article requires major revisions, you must correct them yourself before resubmitting for publication. Letters and columns may be shortened in print for space; they will always run in full online. Statements of fact must include at least one reputable source. If you cannot provide a source, your letter or content will not be published.

Submitting a letter to the editor or guest column constitutes the granting of a non-exclusive, perpetual worldwide license to The Daily Gamecock to reproduce, display, distribute, perform and electronically transmit the Works in the course of its publishing and broadcasting operations, by any means and in any medium now known or later discovered, with proper attribution to the submitter. 

Maintaining a complete an accurate historical record is an imperative aspect of The Daily Gamecock's mission as an organization. Requests to have any published content removed from The Daily Gamecock's digital or physical archives, including letters to the editor or guest columns not written by an organization staff member, will generally be denied. Organization leadership may consider correction to, update of, or retraction of a story under specific circumstances that are entirely up to the current leadership's discretion.


How do I submit a letter to the editor or guest column?

Use the embedded form or email the opinion editor directly at

What’s the difference between a letter to the editor and a guest column?

A letter to the editor is a short response directly to a piece of our content. A guest column is a long form, opinionated column with reputable sources to back up your content.

How long can my letter or column be?

Letters to the editors should be under 300 words. Guest columns should be 500 to 600 words. Letters and/or columns that are extremely lengthy will be disregarded unless you can edit them to a shorter length.

How should I structure my column?

Think of this as a short essay. Your opening paragraph should have a strong argument, like a thesis, and subsequent paragraphs should be information to support your argument. However, your paragraphs should be shorter and more direct than in a formal essay.

Can I exclude any of my personal information when I submit my letter/column?

No, you cannot exclude any of your personal information when you submit your work. Letters and columns cannot be submitted anonymously and will not be published if they are. 

How does The Daily Gamecock choose letters to the editor or guest columns to publish?

Publication is the opinion editor’s discretion. A letter and/or column with a well structured argument, reputable sources, meets our requirements and which does not require much revision will be most likely to be published.

What is The Daily Gamecock’s publishing policy?

The Daily Gamecock will have sole publication rights to your letter or column. The creator will retain rights related to the ownership of the work but will not be permitted to sell or provide the work to another organization for a minimum of three months after the date of publication by The Daily Gamecock.

Can I submit my letter or column to another publication after The Daily Gamecock has accepted it and chosen to publish it?

No. After The Daily Gamecock has published it, you may not send it elsewhere to be published. 

Will you tell me before you publish it?

Notification is at the discretion of the opinion editor. 

What if I want to respond to an older article The Daily Gamecock has published?

We do not accept responses to articles more than one week old because it is no longer timely.

Should I censor any language?

We do not accept any profanity or vulgarity.

Do I have to write my own headline?

Yes. The opinion editor reserves the right to change the headline.

Can I submit an image?

Yes, you may submit a headshot. Any other images you submit are at The Daily Gamecock’s discretion to publish. You are not required to submit any images.

Will I receive any monetary compensation?


How do I submit a tip?

You can submit tips here.

What if I have another question?

Reach out to the opinion editor at If the question is already answered in the FAQ, they may not respond.