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Column: Take advantage of being a live audience member

Saying "yes" to going out to events again isn't a bad thing now that live performances and sports games are happening again. We can all regain something inside of us by doing so. These outings bring people together and create a sense of community while also supporting artists and teams.

Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority (COMET) shuttles parked at the Greene Street transit stop. Taking the shuttle is one of many ways that individuals can tackle rising carbon emissions and its adverse effects on the South Carolina climate.  

Column: Reduce your carbon footprint on campus

Climate change is an ever-increasing problem, one with huge impacts on the people of South Carolina. We, as residents of the state, should do our best to curb the impact of climate change by reducing our carbon footprint.

USC Student protesters in front of Russell House on Greene Street in protest to fire Voros and others accused of sexual misconduct. Two people are holding a sign that said "Fire Voros." 

Column: Fire David Voros

David Voros is a tenured professor who is being shielded by the university. After three lawsuits of sexual misconduct, three protests calling for his termination and a petition of nearly 4,000 signatures also calling for the firing of all abusers on campus, the administration is ignoring student pleas for change.