Column: Trump again calls for questionable travel ban

It has been nearly three months since President Trump’s most recent travel ban was struck down by a Federal District Judge, again. However, it seems the recent incidents in Manchester and now on the London Bridge have given new life to the President’s executive order. Or at least to President Trump they should.

President Trump took to his favorite outlet, Twitter, after the recent bout of attacks. First to send his condolences to England, in which he followed the correct course of action. He went on to imply that unless his travel ban is implemented and, most importantly, approved by the Supreme Court, the United States could face similar attacks in the near future.

It seems though that Trump’s methods to try to revive his travel ban could be its downfall. Since the primaries, the President has been known for his fluent use of Twitter and since taking the oath of office that hasn’t changed. It seems that members of his own party are starting to question this important resource for Trump. Bob Corker (R-TN) stated; “it's best to refrain from communicating with 140 characters,” when asked about the President’s rant against London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Now we are left with the important question. Is this going to be another classic example of politicians using fear and tragedy to push their legislative agendas? Only time and an anticipated ruling from the Supreme Court on Trump’s travel ban can determine that. One thing is for sure, something needs to be done. Whether the travel ban is the way to combat these attacks and future tragedies is debatable. But I believe the world can agree that action must be taken, unless we truly do want these attacks to become a regular aspect of life.

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