Griffin Hobson

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Column: Make taxes great again

10/03/2016 10:38am

People like Donald Trump who are rich enough to evade paying income taxes are the ones living off welfare, not the workers they hire and don't pay. 

Column: Dawn of injustice

03/27/2016 11:34pm

The response of the nerd community to "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" drives home important issues with the discussion surrounding wider societal problems.

Column: Criticism of Israel justified

03/21/2016 9:09pm

On Monday, the remaining presidential candidates made their ritual voyage to the AIPAC Policy Conference, hosted by Israel’s primary lobbying group.

Column: Ohio's choice

03/14/2016 11:13pm

As Kasich and Trump duel in Ohio, the GOP's approach to race hangs in the balance.