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5 essential tools for the new chef

02/26/2016 4:37pm

College is hard. Cooking for yourself is even harder. Instead of relying on Ramen noodles and granola bars, learning how to cook is more beneficial in the long run. Here are five things every college student should have in their kitchen.

Cheap Valentine’s Day ideas that’ll make you swoon

02/14/2016 1:59pm

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you can’t afford to meander through the moonlit streets of Charleston by horse-drawn carriage. Here are a few ways to create a romantic evening on a tight budget.

Like Disney classics? Try Studio Ghibli films

02/01/2016 9:38pm

Like the Disney animated classics? Try a Studio Ghibli film for a heartwarming, whimsical animated tale that won't leave you missing your favorite Disney characters.

Playlist pick-me-up: music to motivate

01/18/2016 10:22pm

Have you ever been overwhelmed with study and work and found yourself in the need of a motivational pick me up? Here are eight songs that’ll pick you up and give you the motivation to carry on.

Thanksgiving life hacks for the broke, talentless college student

11/23/2015 10:30pm

The average college student will likely be spending Thanksgiving Day with his or her family and loved ones, but just because someone else might be roasting the turkey doesn’t mean you can’t pitch in. Here are a few simple and delicious Thanksgiving ideas for the time-strapped college student.

One Star Wednesday: 'The Last Airbender'

11/10/2015 10:20pm

When tasked with making a movie that would appeal to child fans of the popular television cartoon, “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” who would have guessed M. Night Shyamalan could fail so miserably.

Criminally Under-Rated SNES Games on the Nintendo E-Shop

10/26/2015 9:35pm

4: “Super Bonk” This game is weird.  “Super Bonk” was the flagship character of the TurboGrafx-16 before became obsolete, paving the way for this large-skulled cave-boy’s debut on the SNES, Super Nintendo Entertainment System.