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Columbia kids march against gun violence

03/29/2018 5:54pm

Across the world on Saturday at over 800 partner marches, students and gun control supporters protested mass shootings and the lack of legislative response. The March for Our Lives in Columbia drew a small crowd — about 3,000 — compared to the hundreds of thousands in Washington, D.C., but the marchers displayed the same passion and call to action.

Lordo wraps up presidential term

03/25/2018 9:06pm

Ross Lordo gave his last formal address as student body president Wednesday afternoon after a year of growth and accomplishment at the helm of Student Government.

2018 Student Government elections returned to tradition of diversity

03/18/2018 11:02pm

With three African-American and three female candidates out of 11, the 2018 Student Government elections saw the most diverse pool in years. As a result, April 3 will see an African-American president and female vice president sworn into office. But the diversity this year was unusual.

Odagis finds his voice as treasurer-elect

03/08/2018 9:03am

After originally coming in second, Emerson Odagis was elected the next student body treasurer with 53 percent in a run-off election Wednesday night.

Governor visits College Republicans, answers local questions

03/07/2018 7:16pm

Gov. Henry McMaster met casually in Russell House on Tuesday night with a group of about 50 students, mainly members of the College Republicans, to talk about his career and answer questions on major state and local issues. 

Meet the Student Government presidential candidates

02/26/2018 12:27am

Third-year finance and risk management student Tommy DiBona, third-year English student West Russell, third-year broadcast journalism and political science student Kathryn Stoudemire, and third-year public health student Taylor Wright are competing to earn votes on Tuesday and Wednesday to become the next student body president.

Violation update: Constitutional Council won't hear DiBona appeal

02/21/2018 10:39pm

The Student Government Constitutional Council has denied an appeal from presidential candidate Tommy DiBona and vice presidential candidate Madi Carzon, who disagreed with a Monday night Elections Commission ruling that gave both of them five points. Each candidate can earn 10 points before being removed from contention.

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