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Letter from the Editor: Leave your mark

05/04/2017 3:01pm

As you prepare to say goodbye, forever or just for the summer, think about all the good things that have happened on campus in your time here and all the memories made.

Storm hits Columbia

04/05/2017 3:01pm

Get the latest updates on the major storm passing through the University of South Carolina.

Darius Rucker confirms date for USC concert

02/24/2017 4:08pm

After a long wait, University President Harris Pastides announced the details Friday morning on Twitter for a free Darius Rucker concert on April 5 at Colonial Life Arena.

Dani Goodreau finds herself in Student Government

02/22/2017 11:19am

Even though Goodreau certainly isn’t a traditional student, there’s something in her that everyone can relate to. She came from out of state. She’s changed her major twice. She’s part of a minority on campus. She’s struggled with mental health.

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