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Column: Marvel Legacy gives false sense of hope

09/06/2017 8:20pm

Marvel Legacy is promising a lot of the same things that DC Rebirth did a year ago. However, there is a stark contrast in how the market is responding to Marvel. Why are retailers and fans reacting negatively to this new event?

Review: 'Wonder Woman’ Rejuvenates DC Films

06/06/2017 7:35pm

Boasting a female lead and a female director (Patty Jenkins), along with the added pressure of rejuvenating the DC Extended Universe, “Wonder Woman” was put in a very difficult place. Thankfully, Jenkins and crew do not have to deal with the disappointment and ire of fans like previous DC films. “Wonder Woman” adequately serves as a course correction for DC and proves the power of the superhero genre.

Comic Shop Spotlight #4: Cosmic Rays

04/20/2017 12:21am

The fourth Comic Shop Spotlight emphasizes the importance of customer service in the comic market industry with Cosmic Rays.

SC Comic Con proves smaller conventions are beneficial for fandom

04/01/2017 10:17pm

Comic conventions have resorted to concentrating on entertainment and merchandise to attract more and more people, but SC Comicon thrives with a focus on comics. These smaller conventions allow for intimate conversations with creators and chances to get great deals.

Comic Shop Spotlight #1: Silver City Comics

03/12/2017 10:07pm

For this new spotlight series, we take a look at Silver City Comics. As Columbia’s oldest comic shop, there’s a lot to like about this convenient specialty store just across the river.

‘Logan’ breaks conventional superhero tropes

03/14/2017 9:08am

Bryan Singer’s “X-Men” created the backbone that every other superhero movie would be based off of for the next decade or more. If James Mangold has done the same thing with “Logan,” then the genre may have more longevity than anyone would have imagined.

Column: Not all games should be open world

02/22/2017 10:30am

Open-world games have slowly flooded the market, but is that a good thing? A bigger map does not always mean the game will be better, or even that there will be more to do.

Column: Marvel getting serious about gaming

02/03/2017 9:24pm

Marvel is taking steps to make great video games centered around their famous characters with new deals with Insomniac, Telltale, Capcom and Square Enix. If they continue on this path, the future for comic book video games looks very bright.

Top 4 stories from New York Comic Con 2016

10/16/2016 4:36pm

New York Comic Con 2016 brought about a plethora of news including Wolverine 3 details, a rebirth of Wildstorm — a tribute to Jack Kirby — and more about Marvel's Netflix programs.