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William Outlaw

Column: Marvel Legacy gives false sense of hope

Marvel Legacy is promising a lot of the same things that DC Rebirth did a year ago. However, there is a stark contrast in how the market is responding to Marvel. Why are retailers and fans reacting negatively to this new event?

Doesn't Gal Gadot look awesome in "Wonder Woman"? But writers can do bad things even with good characters. (Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./Ratpac-Dune Entertainment LLC)

Review: 'Wonder Woman’ Rejuvenates DC Films

Boasting a female lead and a female director (Patty Jenkins), along with the added pressure of rejuvenating the DC Extended Universe, “Wonder Woman” was put in a very difficult place. Thankfully, Jenkins and crew do not have to deal with the disappointment and ire of fans like previous DC films. “Wonder Woman” adequately serves as a course correction for DC and proves the power of the superhero genre.

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