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Recognition of issues should extend past awareness months

Topics should include everyday conversation

On a college campus with various student organizations, students can simply walk through Russell House or down Greene Street and be informed about the severity of these topics. And I agree that these issues are incredibly important and everyone needs to be made aware of them. However, it shouldn't take an Important Issue Awareness Month for people to care about these pressing topics.

Women who deal with breast cancer experience a daily struggle, as do those who are victims of domestic violence, LGBT discrimination and bullying.

But these subjects only change when they are continually highlighted and brought to light. When several topics are all designated to the same they are forced to compete with one another for our attention and concern.

It makes more sense to keep the issues constantly in conversation and on students' minds. It's fine to have a specific day set aside to reiterate the importance of students supporting these causes. However, an entire month forces students to become desensitized to the issues after a week or so.

Education and raising awareness about severe issues is important. But dedicating a month to too many topics gets confusing and overwhelming. These issues don't need just a month. They need to be focused on every day.